Congrats to Owens

Congrats Chad for being the first Pro football player to eclipse 3000+ all purpose yards two years running. :thup:

And he still has 2 games remaining!

Yep congrats Chad Owens for the record
Only wish you'd done it with the Alouettes

I third the congrats. But very doubtfully he would have achieved this record with the Als. They don't give up 30 pts/game.

congrats ti owens and parker

I believe Chad Owens should have been MVP !

Chad is a class Act, had a opportunity during Grey cup week to have a conversation with him he's fairly confident that the Argos will be Hosting and Hoisting the Cup next year.
Good luck Chad and congrats on a very impressive year. :thup:

hope hes in hawaii having an awesome time now
cause we'll need another 3000 from him next year to get to the grey cup!