Congrats To Ottawa

Without a doubt one of the greatest comebacks I’ve seen in a long time. Ottawa never gave up against a very tough team in Montreal. I would not have wanted to be in the Als locker room after that.

I was on the edge of my seat that’s for sure.

I like the home uniforms too, they look sharp.

Greg Cybulski

I was at the game, and let me tell you, the 19,000 fans that were there, it should sounded like double that, i’ve never heard it that loud before (except the Grey Cup)

That game went from being a stinker to a classic.

I’m glad I watched the whole thing!

Yeah, unlike the many fans who left the game early and missed the comeback. On the other hand, it was very loud for 18,000+ … at least on TV it seemed that way. It was a great win for the organization. Hopefully they can continue to be competitive and get a full house next game.

Let me tell you something though, the 19,000 fans that were there, it looked more full than the 22,000 they said they had last year.

It was one of the best finishes i have seen in a long time. Can’t wait to see what happens this week.

I have just recovered from my sore throat! Yes it was loud, especially when they decided to go for it just before the end of the half! We, the 19000 in attendance were the 13th player!