MONTREAL is still unbeaten.

:thup: 3 and 0 :thup:

HAMILTON really sucks. :thdn:

Even most Montreal fans should say that this wasn’t their best win , but MY GOD , can any one on HAMILTON CATCH THE BALL?

How about even more stupid pen.

CHEETWOOD , lost 2 points , the list is endless.

Once again HAMILTON grabs defeat from the jaws of victory.

that game was just painful to watch.....

I don't mean , to be mean to HAMILTON fans [I predicted them to win today <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: --> ]

BUT WOW , they need some recievers , a field goal kicker and maybe a new coach.

They should be 2 and 2 , but they are not. I feel sorry for CATS fans and I am an ARGO fan. :cowboy:

Hamilton's offence seems to have a case of the stampesks.

Lets check that definition...

stampesks: an inability for one's offence to put the ball into the endzone consistenly when in the redzone. Usually ending up in a field goal or a turnover.

exciting ending though.
Nice quick kick

Yeah, that was a pretty amazing final play.

montreal didn't win the game, hamilton lost it. how did anybody think those guys would be the most improved team?

Montreal wasnt much better on offense then the Cats......but man how many stupid penalties (too many men) can you make.....this is your 6th game of the season, there is just no excuse for those types of penalties....

Great and frustrating game [if you picked HAMILTON] :lol:

CONGRATS , MONTREAL is the class of the CFL so far. :thup:

The Mighty Als are undefeated!

Class....are you kidding...they looked aweful, 180 yards in penalties, turnovers, Calvillo was throwing lame ducks most of the night and how many drops by receivers, Montreal has a long way to go before they even hit their stride.....

In professional sports, in my opinion, there is never an excuse for a too many men penalty…that’s the penalty that ticks me off more than any other…

The Mighty Als are in first place!

they look freakin terrible.....yet they are 3 - 0....when they get their act together they are going to be insane....

The Almighty Als are in first place! Is that enough Ro!

They were slumming it tonight, but they'll still lose to Winnipeg next week.

The Almighty Als will win again next week! :stuck_out_tongue:

Fire the coach!

Now this was a terrible game. For both teams. If that game was the first CFL experience for someone, chances are he won't be watching anymore.

Is there a place where we can see how many penalties were given to each team and for how many yards? Cause I was under the impression the ball moved more often due to penalties than due to actual offensive plays.

The troubling team for Hamilton was they could not even prevail when Montreal was handling them the game with undiscipline, costly fumble and erratic offence.

This truly was a battle of the uglies and both teams deserved to lose. I am still glad we stole the two points.

is that an echo.....and should that surprise anyone that they are in first, they did almost win it all last year.