Congrats to MONTREAL!

WOW , an excellent game to kick off the season.Excellent T.V. coverage , a sold out stadium. :thup:

A comeback win for Montreal. :thup:

WINNIPEG , have nothing to be ashamed about. :thup:

Things are going to be tight all over. :thup:

I liked seeing DAMON ALLEN talking about , THE CFL FANS CHOICE AWARD.
[he also won that last year] :wink: :lol:

CONGRATS to MONTREAL , I guess that most of us are 1 4 1 , so far. :thup:

Uh 1 for 1

i picked montreal by more than 4...but i also picked sask by more than 4 and theyre down 14-0 right now..ouch!

I am 2 for 2.

...we let the ALS off the hook....for a team that is new and haven't played together for any length of time the Bombers looked good...once Glenn can quit the Jeykle and Hyde routine i said before...we'll be a thorn in someones side..great game BigBlue..


Like I said yesterday, Bombers fans can always settle for a moral victory. Congratulations on your coming-close-to-winning. :wink:

2 for 2 :thup:

only 1 for 2, but still better than 0 and 2. :cowboy: