Congrats to MONTREAL

You gave us ARGOS an old fastion butt kicking tonight and you deserved to win.....................STALLA, was fun to watch........but I hope that he was not too hurt.

Every one sucked on the ARGOS tonight except , NOEL P. and ALLEN.

We couldn't beat you with ALLEN or BISHOP.

DON'S offenvise plan in the first half was genius.

What is really strange to me is that OTTAWA is alone in FIRST and we are tied for second.

It really makes the FINAL game of the regular season between Montreal and THE ARGOS interesting...............

On the UP side.......... for the ARGOS had 31,000+ on a cottage week end in summer............AWESOME.! I will now watch the rest of the B.C. , CALGARY game.

Once again , CONGRATS to Montreal. :smiley:

Well done! Now they are back in the Cup race and will hopfully win it this year.

Congrats to Ottawa, 1ST PLACE!, whodafunk it!

Both of us have to worry about, OTTAWA now.

GO OTTAWA.... with my Riders sucking lately, I am pulling for the next underdog OTTAWA!!!!

As I wrote at the beginng the EAST will be tight.

Well, I definately think this makes the east VERY interesting to watch. The Argos are the Grey Cup Champions. Montreal is a perenial division champion. And the pressure of being ranked first is on... Ottawa. Of the three teams, Ottawa is most unprepared to face the heat of being chased. Everybody wants a piece of a first place team. Now they'll find out what it feels like.

Wouldn't it be great if the race for a playoff Bye between the three lasted untill week 20?

yeah, that would be a nice change to have a race 'till the finish line ! Als next game versus Ottawa will be a good one, the guys should be pumped up !

Yes, the next game versus Ottawa will definately be a good one. At a family golf tournament dedicated to my dead grandfather, everyone donates a prize, and I thought, well since i have season tickets, i mise well give them a pair of tickets, obviously I was looking through the season looking for the least interesting, so im like wow Ottawa is gonna be a snoozer so I went and donated them, so I wont be part of the atmospher, dang!

The East looks great again.Looking, Ottawa and Winnepeg both got their first wins against Montreal, Im worried for the game against Hamilton :shock:

Oh well what can you do, the Defence looks better now.

P.S If you were wondering, I made the donation before the season, in case you wondering.

Another one falls off the bandwagon.

Interesting comment about that race for first, T & T. While Ottawa is the team with the least experience they are also the team with nothing to lose at this point. Their season will be considered a success even if they do finish third behind the Al's and the Argo's. There is no pressure on them in this situation, they can play loose and have fun.

Barring a complete meltdown, they should be in playoffs this season and given the circumstances starting the season that should be viewed as a tremendous improvement.

I think the real pressure is on the Argo's to show that last years championship was not a fluke.


The ARGOS have already proven beating both Montreal and B.C. , to win the CUP.

Last years news man. I'm talking about this year and proving that last year's team is back. You can go on and on about what they did last year and it doesn't mean a thing. This is a whole new season and right now, BC is the only undefeated team in the league.

Winning the Grey Cup last year was great, but this is the here and now, not the then and was. The Argo's are in second place right now, period.

One more thing, please explain to me how beating those teams last year and not being dominant this year proves that they were nothing more than a good team that got hot at the right time. If they don't repeat this season then can we not say that?


supertoe, right on.

For now…so is MONTREAL in second , period.

Unless the ARGOS wins it ALL this year…they will still get no respect.

Even though they beat MONTREAL in MONTREAL in front of 52,000 Montreal fans.

Then they beat the heavily favoured , B.C. Lions…to win.

The Argos didn’t have a mind blowing record last year and ALLEN, was out 7 games…but they still won the GREY CUP.

So , say this at the end of this season.

In every PRO sport , it is about getting hot at the right time for any team.

Fair enough. You say it at the end of the season too!

Would it not be a fair statement that because the Argo's had an average season and then went on to win the cup that maybe it was a FLUKE? That said, I will admit that perhaps fluke is the wrong word and maybe a better word would be surprise.

Winning last year does not prove it was not, in fact it raises the question. That is what happens with any team in any league that comes out of left field and wins the championship. If they are not dominating the league the question is raised about whether or not they were a one year wonder. Are you telling me that if the Esks had snuck through and won the Grey Cup last year after finishing 9-9 you wouldn't be raising the same question? Would you be saying that because they beat BC and Toronto to finish the season that proves they weren't a surprise winner, or "fluke" if you will?

As far as respect goes, what would you have us do? Bow down and chant "we're not worthy?". The Argo's get all the respect they are due at the moment. As an Esks fan whose skin has grown about an inch thicker in the last couple months, I really don't understand that complaint.


You brought this up.................

  1. It is very rare for a team to win back to back GREY CUPS and the last team to do that was , the ARGOS in , 1996/1997.

  2. The team finishes in second place and they played 2nd stringers in their final game of the season , which meant nothing.

PINBALL.............figured that resting his players was a good idea...........that is just good coaching and , NO FLUKE.

  1. Bishop , was 4 and 2 and 1 , in seven games with out ALLEN , and our season record was pretty good.

  2. The ARGOS had to WIN the Eastern semi final , which they did.

They had to BEAT, 1st place Montreal at home with 52,000 fans in the stands.

They then had to , BEAT....... B.C.....................and they did.

That is 3 games in a row that the ARGOS had to win to win the GREY CUP.

That is no fluke , to me.

A.C. went down in the EAST final , because of the ARGO defence [which won us games all year].And the Montreal back up Q.B. had little playing time...........that is bad coaching and , no fluke.

Montreal didn't have a proper back up Q.B. , and still don't.

Last year the ARGOS had the second best defence in the CFL.........DEFENSE WINS Championships , and that was proven against ......the leagues second best offense vs. ........B.C. in the CUP........we also won quite easily.

As for this is too early too say anything............

Some teams have had easier scheds.............The ARGOS have played both MONTREAL and ............B.C. , 2 times already , and the wins in 2 of those games came after 4 days rest.

It is a long season.......and the ARGOS have all of their players from last year. They have had a tougher schedule than some teams.

Things should balence out at the END.

I am not worried about the ARGO chances this year , at all.

Lets wait to see what happens at the end of the season. :smiley:

Hmmm... looks like a fluke to me...

......Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen to Wednesday Afternoon Wrestling! Ding Ding Ding..........

I agree with you on everything except 1 point
A.C went down because of great defence????
A player goes down for 2 reason .
He was just unluckey or he was hurt delibertly.

I am not sayin it was deleberate but did you know that when A.C. was down in the last game he was tackled by the same players who took him out off the eastern final?

Montreal broke ALLEN'S leg during the regular season, last year.And I don't think that the ARGOS change their defensive line from last year?

We will never know for sure.
But good point.