38,000+ at the Skydome to watch an excellent game. :thup:

Even though they out played Montreal for most of the game stats wise , Montreal got the points when they needed them.

Even though BRUCE did step out of bounds , people have to admit that was a fantastic run by BRUCE with a KILLER block.

CAHOON , comes up big again with many clutch catches.

So , hopefully the ARGOS can knock MONTREAL out in the EAST Final like they did to us last year. :thup:

But first we have to get their. :wink:

I picked WINNIPEG to win tonight , but hopefully I am wrong. :roll: :lol: :rockin:

MONTREAL was the better team today. The ARGOS snatched defeat out of the jaws of victory , again.

Well done MONTREAL :thup:

Can I ask your reason for wanting the Bombers to lose tonight is?

if Wpg wins

If they Lose

Missed the game, sounded like a furious comeback by the Als, congrats on first, see ya next week Argos.

The Argos did snatch defeat from the jaws of victory … down by 1, on your own 20, 1:20 to go, it’s 3rd and 7, and you gamble?!? They had time to punt the ball and force the Als to go 2-and-out. Maybe Montreal would have been able to pick up a first down and kill the clock, but Toronto’s D is strong, and they should have at least been given the CHANCE to win the ball back, in field position to put a drive together to take you into FG range, kick a FG and win it 23-21.

Unfortunately I only saw up to the last bit of the 2nd Q, and I only saw the last 2:00 of the 4th Q after that, so I don’t know what toronto did (or didn’t do) before they made that 3rd & 7 gamble, but I think they took themselves out of the game by making that gamble. If that gamble fails, the other team is already in FG range, to make it a 4-pt game. Bad play calling, IMHO.

38,000+? Great crowd! That’s awesome, good job Toronto.

Ya I know, I was thinking he was an als fan...

that is a very good reason :lol:

One think HT is not....... Is an Als fan!

Right HT? :lol:

Which would you pick , if you were an ARGO fan ? The ARGOS on the road in WINNIPEG in NOV. or The ARGOS at home under the DOME? :wink: :lol:

Well Winnipeg's record on the road is better then their home record. I'm sure playoffs would be different though...

P.S. The leafs are getting revenge for the argos right now

Who me?
I was responding to blue who said he thought you were an Als fan!

Who wouldent take the dome?

Okay, never mind the score, how was the injury situation for both teams....

Watkins looked like he had a concussion

I think he just had a bloody nose but donno!

Hmmm, sounds like both sides got off pretty lucky then.

Brian Chu left the game with an ankle injury. He did come back for a few plays but hopefully they just didnt want to risk it

...congrats. ALS.....nice win....Montreal looked like the successful team of the past...and are going to be tough against any opponent vying for the cup...good game... :thup:

I fell asleep watching this game midway through the 3rd Quarter. It wasnt the prettiest of games, but I missed a comeback by the Als. The last thing I remember seeing was Mark Lee and Walby on the screen talking about what both teams needed to do in the second half. As I watching, I thought Walby looked like the cowardly Lion from the Wizard of Oz, my mind wanders when I get sleepy.. :lol: :lol: mean to say that thunderous noise from the Argos fans couldn't keep you awake...i know it kept me into the game... :lol:...give me the small parks anytime,,,they're a lot more livelier..... :rockin: :rockin:

I get to predict the Lions /Bombers game. I say the Lions have nothing to play for so the Blue will win. They won't look good doing it, but that is going to mislead you all into thinking they aren't ready for the playoffs.
The real truth is that the Bombers are sick and tired, frustrated and angry about the lack of respect they receive. Listen to Matt Dunigan and watch how a real dynasty is begun. May the best TEAM win!