Congrats to Montreal and AC

As Much don't like Montreal I have give Montreal Credit For Turning AC Around

Congrats to AC for Breaking all these Records..

Thank you. :smiley:

Truly has been one of life's great pleasures to witness the rise and excellence of AC over his career. Congrats to you Anthony, your dedication is an inspiration to us all.

Couldn’t have been more fitting. a TD pass to Richardson to end the 3Q. The game might as well have ended there since there were no more points scored in the 4th.

Ticats next on the menu. A win by 2pts or more and we clinch second.

When you hear Dan Marino say: 'Go Alouettes' that means something. :smiley:

....A great accomplishment for a Very Classy guy....Congrats. Anthony Calvillo... :thup:

Thinking about it, looks like there is a very good chance he will collect another Player of the Year Award unless JRich steals it from him...

Guess it means his acting career never panned out
Although he was brilliant in Ace Ventura:Pet Detective


Laces out!Laces out! lolol.

Glad Sean was perfect yesterday with the FGs. :thup: