Congrat's to Moncton on a great party

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I spent the last 4 days in Moncton, and WHAT A PARTY! The CFL and Moncton really got together to make this something special. While I didn't attend last year, I knew with my Ti-Cats playing I had to be there this year. It really reminds you of what a great place the East Coast is, as well as what an amazing country we live in. The entire weekend had a Van 2010 feel to it (although a little smaller)
It was awesome to be downtown and seeing all 8 teams well represented by their fans. I had breakfast with some Lion's fans from Victoria, watched the Rider's game with a group from Regina (they gave up their home tickets for this) and even had my best friend hugged by some A%$@'s fans. (I bleached his skin later)
At the game I had the fortune of sitting with a family from Fredericton, who besides being fans, Daddy was supposed to be on the fly by piloting one of our Canadian Forces helicopters. He had to pass because his Father-in-law gave him tickets at the last minute.
And what a game! Folks, I know that TD Atlantic isn't for everyone, as times are tough, but I will recommend that you put an event like this on your bucket list. There is nothing better than sharing our ove for the CFL nationally with all of our fellow Canadians. Well, maybe one thing better, us with the CUP!
And to the Box J Boys, thank you for showing tremendous class, and showing true Tiger Town spirit. The best memory is a 5 year old girl picking up a button (2009 Grey Cup)that fell of a kilt and telling the owner that he dropped it. His response was simple, "it's yours now."
I for one, truly hope that one day we can say to the Atlantic provinces. Here's your team, it's yours now!


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Great 1st post... you don't get too many of these around these

Wow… Moncton is probably the warmest community in the country, glad you had a great time.

Great posting Maclean and I agree with you as I was there last year.
Moncton and the people of Atlantic Canada are awesome and yes they have to get a team real soon.


Thanks for starting a great topic.

I was suffering a wicked head cold, but flew out anyway. After the Gala dinner and a quick visit to TigerTown Moncton (well done, Mark Bowden) I went to bed early feeling very sorry for myself. But the next morning the weather was beautiful and it is amazing how much better a head cold feels in the sunshine than in the rain. :wink:

Then the Ticats went on to play one of their best games all season and all was right with the world!

A great big Thank-You to everyone in Moncton, in New Brunswick, and in Atlantic Canada generally. It was a very special weekend.

I'm with all of you - ever since I was a kid when I learned there were 10 provinces in Canada, but only 9 teams in the Canadian Football League, it has always seemed wrong that we did not have a team for the CFL football fans in four of our Provinces to cheer for.

Of course now that I understand the economics of running a professional football team, I have a better understanding of the challenges that have to be overcome before an Atlantic Canada team could be successful.

In any case Sunday was another great demonstration of why we (The League, the Teams, the Fans, and the Leaders of Atlantic Canada) need to figure out how to make it happen.

Sounds like it was a fantastic event, and congrats to everyone involved!

With about 800 tickets unsold and so many people from acrosss the country attending, I wonder how many actual easterners attended the game and how can you gauge on the market's interest for CFL?

Great question. I spoke to many folks from down east. judging by traffic headed back to Halifax after, there was loads from there. There were fans in my section from Saint John, Miramichi, Fredericton, and Amherst. I would not be surprised if there were fans from further away. Note that I do alot of business out East, and tried to give a ticket away, but most of my accounts were already going.

One gent I spoke to (not an official member of anything, but his company did build that stadium) said 4,000 out of province folk came to the game. I would think that was close, but we both could be wrong. I had no trouble getting a hotel the week before, and there were rooms available, so it would seem that it's probably a close amount.

What I do know, is that a tonne of East Coasters now are sporting Cats and Stamps gear. They sold a bunch! It was everywhere.

When you say "4,000 out of province", does that include Nova Scotians and PEIers?

is that 4,000 number a guess or some sort of fact based estimate?

I would say that would be about right 15 000 from the NB/NS/PEI and 5000 tickets sold in CFL cities.

Keep in mind that Moncton has a huge amount of hotel rooms for the size of the city.

No facts, just what I had heard from the gent mentioned above. When they say out of province, they really mean out of NB/NS/PEI. I would like to see official numbers, but still....

If they have a third installment of "TD Atlantic", I will certainly be there, regardless of who plays. I would like to think that the CFL brass are moving forward, but with a certain amount of restraint. The fans from Moncton that I spoke to seem to want it, and are a tad "overstated" in their hope for several Ti-Cat home games in 2013. I don't pretend to have any expertise in the situation, but will be very curious as to how it will play out.

But again, as a fan of the CFL, this was an extremely well run event, regardless of 800 empty seats.

Thiggy is a true Cat he loves seafood, we have to make sure Thiggy gets lots of seafood before each game. It could mean a trip to the cup. :thup: