Congrats to Marc Trestman

Congradulations Marc!
You earned your place in the NFL and you deserve it!

Never mind what some of the so-called fans here are saying.
Most of us are proud of you and that you were the coach of our beloved Als

I didnt follow the NFL much in the past but the Bears have a new fan in me.

...I think it's tough for fans to accept the leaving of a talented, successful coach....You can understand why some are bitter....Don't know if it's any consolation but I remember the day when a coach of like ability, Bud Grant handed in his resignation in the Peg and went on to coach the Vikings..The whole of Wpg. was draped in black on that day....We took a long time to recover BUT we eventually found our way....Every team at some point will be looking at a serious rebuild... Not the end of the world....Maybe it's that time for the Als...I do know that, that is the time the real fans surface for your club...I hope it's a smooth transistion for the new people coming on board....

as a little aside... Good luck to Marc in the 'big show'..I didn't know this till recently that Bud Grant gave Trestman his first job in the nfl....Marc had a great teacher and Bud would be a great guy to emulate in his newest nfl position... :thup:

I don't have a problem with him looking to "improve" his situation, everyone is entitled to that. I have a problem with him walking away months after signing a four year deal and leaving a mess behind him three halfway into the off season. I am grateful for the first three seasons. Ok with the last two. In his book he writes that after four years a HC runs out of things to bring to the table with the same group. I very much agree with him. He stayed a year longer than he should have. I am glad he's gone so we can hope to have a "staff" that know what they are doing in all three phases of the game rather than an expensive one dimensional part time HC surrounded by his lackey.


curious who the 'so-called' fans are. :slight_smile:

After listening to all the media reports today I don't think we'll be seeing Jones. If Popp didn't want him in 2007 I doubt he'll want him now. I think he's going to pull out another guy that everyone will be saying 'who?' which is exactly what the Bears fans are asking now as we did in 2007 about trestman.

[i]How nice of the Ro! The dude does not post here for over a year, and then he posts an obvious flammatory remark that goes against what many on this forum believe. He also mocks the posters here by calling them so called fans...

Here is how it works. This forum has fans, REAL FANS. If you want groupies, go back to your You'll find plenty of "fans" there. :roll: [/i]

Is there anyone there ?


And congrats to Mike Sinclair following Marc. So much for Trestman the tyrant eh Didier ? :lol:

Ro works for the CFL. Be careful Johnny, Commissioner might fine you! :smiley:

Oh, that's probably anybody that has the temerity to hold an opinion that is different from that held by the o/p.

Ya know jack as Johnny pointed out....I don't post here anymore because the hypocrisy here makes it not worth it...

The hypocrisy in your statement.....well I just have to reply

I notice you had no smart remarks for that statement.....I posted a different opinion than you did and I was attacked personally! Where were you when that post came out.... Could it be that its because I showed a different opinion?

You have shown again Jack that its ok for you....but not for anyone else!
I have the audacity to not think of someone as a real fan but heaven help someone who dares to use "then" instead of "than"....Yes very big of you to jump all over someone who makes that mistake....

And lets not forget your crusade to have everyone stop quoting Senior because hey......he has a different opinion!

Johnny Nov 2012 to Jan 2013 is a long way from a year....but after you have another 18,000 can tell me where I can and cannot post.....not that it means anything and while you are at it.....look up the meaning of the word "FAN"

We used to get along quite well Jack....I don't know what your problem is but you really should take a long hard look in the mirror before you talk...

If you care to discuss our falling out.....You can PM me.....

God, what happened to you, ro? When did you become such a self-righteous dbag? Who are you to determine who is a real fan and a fake fan? Go away if other posters' content offends you that much.

Relax, d&p, just put him on the foe list, I did ages ago and unless someone quotes him I don't see his posts.

Seriously, disagreement is part of what makes a good forum. The only line I draw is when posters are unable to disagree with being insulting -- those members are on my Foe list. Apart from that? Last time I checked, we are free to say what we wish. I frequently disagree with the opinions of members here, but that's fine. They have the right to express themselves just like I do. And it would be super-boring if we all agreed on every topic.

ro, I think you're really misunderstanding. We have no trouble with people having different opinions. Quite a few people seem to wrongly assume that because some of us DISAGREE with your opinion that it means we don't want you posting it. Not at all! We encourage people to post opinions different than our own; what we don't want is people marching in here as if they were on some holy crusade.

Senior is the perfect example; if he was just madly in love with Adrian Mcpherson, that'd be fine. We wouldn't agree with him, and we would debate his point, because that's what you do when you don't agree with someone; you discuss your differences! But see, Senior goes beyond having an opinion; he demoralizes, demeans, and disregards anyone with an opinion that is even slightly different than his. When someone treats us that way, we simply treat them back in the same regard.

No one here is going to deny the great things that Marc Trestman has done for this football team. You can have d&p, MadJack, HfxTC, Richard, and just about anyone else tell you themselves; Marc Trestman was a great coach. The reason why they're upset with him is because of the circumstances he left the team in; specifically, he bolted to the Chicago Bears after having just signed a 4-year contract deal with the Als. A number of posters also regard him as a hypocrite, for his comments about leaving the place that Trestman himself called "the best place he'd ever coached."

And y'know what? I don't agree with them. I personally don't think that makes him a hypocrite, 'cause I don't think saying that means he needs to continue coaching here, and I don't know whether or not Trestman was at all aware of whether or not he'd be getting a head coaching job in the NFL this off-season. I don't fault him for leaving so soon after signing his contract; the opportunity for a head coaching job appeared, and he took it. All the best to him.

But y'see, just because I don't agree with the others, that doesn't invalidate my opinion, or theirs. I explain my opinion, and why I disagree with the others, and most importantly, I don't assume that I'm somehow correct and they aren't. And I'm pretty certain the main reason the others weren't too thrilled with your post is because of your "real fans" comment. Why mention something like that? It doesn't add anything to your opinion, and really, all it does is provoke other readers.

Very well put Piggyman. Let's leave it there.

See this has always been the problem here D&P Dont take this personally I am speaking in general here.... why are you assuming I was offended?
I voiced my opinion and I was 2 people!
This is how it always works here
A says black B says white and A jumps all over sayng that he(A) has the right to his opinion...Well so does B!

How did I misunderstand being told to go post somewhere else?

Did I mention any names? Did I quote anyone? Why is anyone assuming I am talking about them? ....Know what? Pointing out the misuse of the words then and than dont add anything and only provoke the reader as well
Asking posters to not quote someone adds nothing and only provokes the reader as well!
all I did was post my opinion

Then we have this

Isnt that nice? That is what I get for voicing my opinion

yet on the other hand

So that doesnt apply to me?

Yet you still opened the tread and called me out didnt you?

OK so want me to discuse it fine

There is the first problem
He did not leave after signing a new contract. The extension was signed before the 2012 season began Trestman honoured his original and his first extension! Saying he left so soon after signing is just wrong

  1. He had an out clause He did nothing wrong...Had he left and said take me to court...I would have agreed but he didnt he had an out!
    Now about that out When the extention was signed....can you say for sure that he did tell BW that he didnt not want an extension...that maybe he didnt want to resign and try his luck in the NFL but BW made the offer of the out if the opportunity came up? Can you be 100% certain that this was not the case? I have Spoken to Trestman many times and I would bet anything it went down this way

  2. The best place he ever coached
    I have in the past left a dept. that I loved working in to accept a promotion in a different plant..I took it for the advancement and it was not for 3-4 times my salary either...why shouldn't he? Why shouldn't Popp?

Trestman left to follow his dream. To insult him and Popp by calling them Brutus and whatever is wrong and in my opinion is not what a fan would do

  1. we have come full circle
    These people posted their opinion and insulted them and they feel its OK
    I posted my opinion and was attacked by 3 different people

Here is the bottom line
These people are of the opinion that Trestman is a traitor
I am under the impression that anyone who thinks this way is not a fan

I attacked no-one for their opinion
I was attacked for mine

I would love to resume posting again....but with this BS.....forget it

See, you’re not understanding just how hypocritical you’re being. You say “I attacked no one”, but in reality, you’re attacking everyone who disagrees with you by saying they aren’t real fans. In the very first post, you called out anyone who thinks Trestman is a hypocrite as “not a real fan.” Doesn’t matter if you didn’t call out names, you still insulted anyone who disagrees with you. You attacked us first. If you can’t understand that, then that’s just a shame.

You’re clearly not listening to reason at this point, so I won’t go beyond that.

What you dont seem to follow is that that is my opinion....

Think about this....
Put aside whether or not you agree with the opinions themselves....just look at what is happening

In one corner you have someone who is saying
Trestman is is a traitor
Trestman is Brutus
Trestman is a hypocrate
Never mind if you agree or not

In the other corner

You have someone saying that they dont agree.
They feel that anyone who feels that way is not a fan!
Again never mind if you agree or not

The first person has formed an opinion of Trestman's actions
The second person has formed an opinion of the first person's actions

How can you defend the right of the first person and deny the second person the exact same right?

You say the second person has attacked the first...I dont agree but OK lets say you are right.
If the second person has attacked the first then the first has attacked Trestman
How can you defend one and chastize the other?

One person posted their opinion about Trestman
The other posted thier opinion about the first

Again never mind the opinion itself
How can you defend one and not the other?

How is it ok for one person to say Trestman is a traitor
But its not ok for me to say that person is not a fan?

Trestman proved himself a hypocrite, this week. The Whole time he was in Montreal he hide his tweets and controlled what his players could and could not say and how they could interact on twitter. The day he signed with the Bears he put a picture up and took to Twitter to broadcast himself to Bear community because that is to his advantage to come across as modern and media friendly. That's a hypocrite.

I've dealt with thousands of people in business over 20 years I know one when I see one. Trestman's whole schtick is an act.

Watch them fly in 2013.

Having an opinion doesn't mean you are entitled to insult and abuse other members and put them down by saying they aren't real fans. If you do that, expect your fellow members to call you out on your BS.

And I'm with Hfx: Trestman is a hypocrite. He sold us a bill of goods and we all fell for it, but I'm through with his shtick. Good riddance. He is going to bomb in Chicago and I will enjoy every minute of his failure.