Congrats to Mac, 2014 Yates cup champs

Congratulations to the young men of McMaster football team and coaches for winning the 2014 Yates cup. They beat Guelph 20-15.

In other shocking news, Laval lost to Montreal 12-9 in OT

That Laval/Mtl game was crazy good! Stadium was packed! Laval has a two-decked football stadium! Everyone standing the entire game. They sure are passionate about their CIS Football! Great to see!

MAC should handle Mount Allison easily & make it to the Vanier again. Montreal vs. Canada West winner will be a close game!

3rd time in 4 years :rockin:

Bring on the Mounties!

Did anyone catch that chant or fight song kinda thing they were all yelling just after the coach spoke? I think cable 14 tried to turn down their mic's cause I'm pretty certain it contained swearing. I only ask cause I'd like to know what was said or even see it again. It sounded pretty cool. Cable 14 is replaying the broadcast at 7 but I'm betting they will edit that out.

was at the game. great atmosphere can't wait for the national semis against MT allison. Great for the CIS and the Q that MTL finally upset Laval.

Next weeks game and the Vanier will be brodcast nationally on Sportsnet 360.

And yes, the chant contains swearing, its decades old though and part of their tradition. They did it on live TV when they won the Yates two years ago as well.

Congratulations to the Marauder players and coaches! :smiley:

I was watching the Montreal-Laval game on TV while I was watching the Guelph-Mac game via I didn't see most of the game at Laval. But I did see much of the 4th quarter of it and I saw what happened in overtime. I'm sure it was quite a good game, and I'm not just saying that because I wanted Montreal to win. But I will say that I almost jumped up in the air in celebration when I saw Bede's FG attempt go wide right. That sack just before that FG attempt was huge. I'm sure that whoever fumbled it away for Montreal near the end of the 4th (allowing Laval to get that FG that tied the game) was relieved after that. :slight_smile:

I was also impressed with how Montreal ended Laval's 25 game winning streak a few weeks ago. But this was the first loss at home for Laval in 70 games. Yes, seriously: ... 01257.html

So congratulations to Danny Maciocia and the Montreal Carabins on the Dunsmore Cup win. They'll be playing against the Manitoba Bisons, as the Bisons upset the Calgary Dinos.

Oh, and congratulations to McMaster on the Yates Cup win. I'm not sure how much different things would have been if Western QB Will Finch did not get injured. It may have been Mac vs. Western in the Yates Cup game. But I'm sure the Guelph-Mac game was quite good, as Drew Edwards tweeted this:

Listening to Mac v. Guelph on radio, getting updates on Laval v. Montreal via Twitter & text. Exciting stuff, even without moving pictures.
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Mount Allison might be beatable, but it's time to just enjoy this Yates Cup win for now.

Just watched the second half tonight on Cable 14, great game, low scoring but low scoring works in my books. Too bad only Sportsnet 360 has the game next week as I don't get that with my basic cable package but maybe it's online on the OUA site, I don't know. Best of luck to the Marauders to win it and go to the Vanier once again.

Way to go Mac football team! :thup: :thup:

Laval has always been a power house but it is nice to see someone else get the W out of the Quebec Conference for a change. Congrats to Montreal.

Definitely hoping to see Mac return to the Vanier Cup again this season. They do have to get past another team (Mount Allison as some have mentioned) to book their ticket and as we have all seen by the Als mouthing before the last couple of games, it isn't wise to look past your next opponent, regardless of how "easy" a win you might think it will be.


Congratulations to McMaster!

This coming weekend both of Hamilton’s football teams will be advancing to their respective championships.

The football gods are shining on Hamilton.

Congratulations to McMaster!

This coming weekend both of Hamilton's football teams will be advancing to their respective championships.

The football gods are shining on Hamilton.