Congrats to Laval. 2011 Vanier Cup Champs.....

Well not yet but to even believe that McMaster is going to beat Laval, is laughable.

They cleaned #2 ranked Calgary so it's a wash next week.

Congrats also to the Saskatoon Hilltops on their 2nd consecutive and 15th overall, National Junior football championship.

And Mac destroyed #3 ranked Western last week. What's your point?

Just be ready for the best offense in the country.

because Laval is the best University Football team this country has had in ages.

no other Team has won that many Vanier Cup titles in such a short period of time.

McMaster doesn't have a prayer.

Just a question here, but what college in Canada produces the most CFL players? I know Laval and U of S have a bunch, as well Western I think. I don`t often look at where a player played his college ball at, but if anyone know the break down that would be cool to see!

I'll tell you..... I don't know! :lol:

But they are playing unlike a certain green team this time of year. Upset in the making

The Tiger-cats didn't have a prayer against Montreal, either.

How many Vanier Cups they've won is meaningless. Might as well argue over who has the prettier colours. (For the record, I'll concede, it's Laval.) The only number that matters is the one on the scoreboard, and on Friday night, it'll be 0-0.

You said the same thing about Hamilton. Shhh. :lol:

Yes, let's remember this gem...

Who cares, this is CIS! Laval wins.

evildoctor, dont make me remind you how many times you have been wrong predicting the outcome in bombers vs ticats games this season so id shut up.

Laval - 12
McMaster - 22

Mac HAS to be serious underdogs. Due to the difference in post-secondary systems, the Laval team has been generally 1-2 years older man for man. Students do 2 years in CEGEP before going to university. That makes a HUGE difference at this stage of a player's life. Laval has combined this with redshirting to field a team of men often playing against boys.

Now that observation is based upon the past teams but I don't have a list of the actual ages of players on each team.

Smart management along with being able to take advantage of a peculiar situation bodes well for Laval. However, all said and done, I'm rooting against them.

If Quinlan plays anything like he did against Acadia…and Mac can get that dominant running game they has last game… Laval has no chance at all. .the score will be pretty much the same as the Mac/Acadia game

I'm disappointed I couldn't watch it :cry:

Ah, Nick, one of my two favourite Bomber trolls :smiley: You’ve been waaaay too quiet this week, clearly you’re scared of the hammering the Bombers are going to take in the Eastern final and you don’t want look like a fool… :lol:

McMaster has the most successful Offense in the CIS backed by Kyle Quinlan who quite possibly will be drafted as a QB. This game could go either way, I'm rooting for Mac

We'll see...

Laval are heavy favourites, as they always are. But Quinlan is awesome. Mac certainly has a chance and I hope they win but Laval is just so good.