Congrats to Kevin Glenn for a 5000+ yard passing season

As HTD pointed out in the game thread, KG has hit the 5000-yard passing plateau this year. Well done and congratulations!

(Mike GIbson reference suppressed LOL) :wink:

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Yes congrats to Kevin Glenn

TOTAL it when it counts...numbers only look good on paper not on game day...winning is what counts not stats !!

Congrats KG... and Thank You!!

They should take yards away for those interceptions he throws. Especially in critical situations

I'm happy to join the congratulators. Glenn is only the second QB in history to pass for 5000 yds. in a season, as a Tiger-Cat and I believe, 1 of only 7 in CFL history to reach the mark twice in their careers.

Yup, excellent job Kevin and o line and entire offense. Now let's do what we have to do next week to go up to La Belle Province and do the unthinkable.

It's an achievement. Kevin Glenn is correct when he says he will not be considered elite until he wins it all in the playoffs. That can be debated (I agree with him), but 5,000+ passing years do not happen as much as one would think even in the pass-happy CFL.

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And you would expect me to write up a follow-up piece in that event. LOL :wink:

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Glenn I hope gets a GC before he retires, and maybe more than one, and celebrates with Milt. Otherwise he'll be another Dan Marino type, that would be a shame.
I don't care what some people calling in on the 5th quarter were saying, pissed me off big time driving home from the game, trashing Glenn. :x :x :x

Russ, I have to admit I'm impressed with your prose and nothing would surprise me what transpires from your noggin. :wink:
Oh, and take that any way you wish. :wink: And everyone else as well. :wink:

Well, Dan Marino IS Dan Marino. Could maybe fit Kevin into a Dieter Brock comparison because he's within striking distance of him (likely passing him next year in total passing yardage) and there's the lack of finger jewelry issue there too.

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Glenn was dead on today, it was recievers in the second half that failed to squeeze the ball. The fact that this team can even compete without the leagues #1 reciever says a lot.
If Bruce is back next wk. it should be a very exciting play-off game Vs. T.O.


Yes there were a couple of dropped passes but from my seat he missed more receivers than receivers dropping passes. It wasn’t the receiver that threw an INT on the goal line…same as he has done in many games this year. Congrats on showing and proving to me that Winnipeg was right, he is good in between the 20 yard lines but not a guy to put money on in the big game. If you can’t put money on him then I do not care if he had 6000 yards it does not mean a damn thing.

If Barker can keep his rookie QB in check and their defense play as good as they do most games we will be beaten soundly next week. You can put money on that! To be fair to Glenn it wasn’t him who gave up 414 yards passing to an unproven rookie QB! Do you read Marshall, bend but don’t break defense is nothing but B%^*S@#%!!! We are not going anywhere this year!

From my seat you could clearly see the interception was McDaniels falt as it has been with many recievers this yr. McDaniels ducted his head not aware the ball was thrown to him. With this happening the ball was picked off by the guy behind Mcdaniels. Not the guy it front, which clearly makes it McDaniels responsibility for not being ready for the pass.
If Winnipeg was sooo right, then why have they had two losing seasons since letting Glenn go and the cats are in the play-offs for the past two yrs. straight????

  1. Between the 20s? The guy set the single season Ticat record for TD passes!
  2. No.

Crash....Crash. .HOW can you let facts get in the way of a good rant... WTH is wrong with you??

Glenn's stats for 2010 stand up against ANY QB in Hamilton Ticat history. 5,100 yards, 33 TDs, virtually a 2:1 TD/INT ratio and a 97.6 rating -- from a sheer numerical standpoint, it's unprecedented! AND MIKE GIBSON WAS THE SCHEMER/PLAYCALLER! So...not too shabby.

The consistency of the offense in playing a sustained 60-minute game is a question. Even a 45-minute offensive display has been the exception rather than the rule. It's a question of breaking through the ceiling the team has been staring at the last couple of years to get to the next level. The Montreal dismantling three weeks ago was either a portent or a delicious mirage, depending on your viewpoint. My take is that is showed aspects to how this team with this personnel can become pretty near unstoppable even against a Montreal.

Kevin Glenn needs to win the Grey Cup to finally silence his critics. I support him and the team in that effort, but I do with eyes wide open. We cannot lay eggs have the second half today on both sides of the ball and even dream of sealing the deal in Edmonton.

If a switch needs to be "flipped," it had better start in the first team meeting this week. Anyone fiddling with the switch gets digitally modified. LOL :wink:

I am not comfortable with that kind of recipe in finding a championship formula. More often than not in this sport, you get smoked in that kind of deal. One's collective execution might spike in an adrenaline+desire-spiking way, but it's the preparation, gameplanning, and playcalling components that tend not to alter all too much. If we've been holding back much from The Mike Gibson Playbook Experience*, I'd really like to see it. Next Sunday would be nice.

P.S. And from Greg Marshall too, to be fair about it! Vanilla is what wins in my coffee, not on the field in November!

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I just watched the replay on TSN VOD, McDaniel was running a post patern all the way and yes he ducted but on the way to the post. Glenn threw the ball behind him whether he ducts or not Glenn controls the ball. He did that on two other occasions in the game where receivers were running to the inside he throws to the outside behind them. How many times can you blame the receivers for not running their patterns. This is not the beginning of the season, it is the 20th game of the season. He constantly game in and game out throws INT's deep in opposing teams end and endzones. It is a pattern he has done all year. As you guys scream about his stats look at the overall picture, his INTs are a big problem.Yes Gibson is an issue but we know how good this team can be. If the leader of the offence can't make it happen on the scoreboard yardage means squat!

No matter if Glenn gets it on next week if the secondary keeps playing as well as it has the last two games it will mean nothing how much the offence can do because the secondary has more holes than swiss cheese.

Yes Glenn has to win a cup to shut up his detractors like me but he will not do it this year. Just to be honest even if he did I would find other people to celebrate other than this overrated 20 yard line QB!

Underated? That would make you the odd man out if you were a CFL player who voted Glenn the most underated player in the league. It amazing, Glenn is expected to read the entire field in seconds, find the best option while a 300lb line backer is in his grill, McDaniel ducks without even trying to make a play for the ball and you blame Glenn. You need to get real man. The guy threw for 33 TD’s this yr and your worried about an interception?
Lets seeTop 5 QB’s as listed by the CFL, Durant 22 interceptions/25tds/5542yds.
Glenn 17 Interceptions/33tds/5100yds.
Burris 20 interceptions/38tds/4950yds.
Calvillo 7 interceptions/32tds/4839yds.
R Ray 16 interceptions/11tds/3565 yds.
Other than Calvillo, Glenn has one of the best touchdown to interception ratio’s in the league.
Some of you posters need to get real with your off the wall comments. You really have zero creditability with your negative comments.
We are so lucky to have Kevin and a crew of Cats that are willing to do their best game in and game out. Your neg. comments do nothing to help the team. If you are going to critisize them, at least check the stats before you go and look foolish in the future.