.....IF IT WEREN'T FOR ......the raggedtime at the end..this one was a wipe-out.....For all the naysayers who had Kelly and the BlueBombers finishing in last place :stuck_out_tongue: ...We have just served notice... The Bombers wereand are badly underestimated just like i;ve been saying....when this team takes it to the next :thup: :rockin:

.....I don't think we have even used one third of the plays Kelly has in his game plans.....should be interesting the rest of the way in 09 :thup: :rockin:

LeFors was still a bit off, but he made some strides which is definitely a good sign. I dunno what was wrong with Romby Bryant tonight but he couldn't catch anything. The running game was solid and the defense looked very good too. If this game is any indication, the Bombers are going to be very good when LeFors comes around.. I'm sure he will in time.

.......forgot :oops: ...congrats to LeFors as this was his first win also... :thup: :rockin:

Congrats to the Bombers and Mike Kelly on his first win as a HC.

The East is alive :thup:

Bombers looked good tonight. What is most encouraging is the fire they show. These guys play hard.

Kudos to Kelly for a convincing win over the defending Grey Cup champs. Wasn't expecting that at all, very nice. Who says the East is weak? :rockin:

Gratz Kelly, didn't see that one coming. I'm impressed :thup:
Total east domination.
Edmonton @ Montreal. Final score: 16-50
Calgary @ Winnipeg. Final score: 30-42
Hamilton @ BC. Final Score: 31-28
Good fight dominate west.

.....IT KINDA MAKES ME WONDER, after seeing the Cats finish up the night, where all of this 'crossover crap' is coming from....IF the eastern teams can keep this going...maybe there'll be a crossover to the west... :lol: just thought i'd throw that in there, for all of those smug western teams, who thought they were in for a romp in 09..... :lol: :rockin:

Excellent !!!!

It is early and teams with new coach (playbooks) sometimes surprise early in the season since there is no film and tendencies are unknown, also eastern teams worked very hard in the off season to catch up and western teams with the exception of Calgary all lost talent. As for Calgary well we all know how tough it is to repeat.

At least we have a competititve start to the season and that will keep fans interested :thup:

Because you were not paying attention.

good to see a little mutual love around this forum. shaping up to be a great 09 season! who knows what might happen!