You kicked our a$$ today for a well deserved win. :thup:

GOOD LUCK in the GREY CUP. You have earned it. :smiley:

Thanks for coming to T.O. :thup:

Thanks SAF

Seems you nickname is fitting :lol:

Hard played game by two good teams. :thup:

That was a terrific football game for everyone especially the CFL though they probably wanted an Argo win for the media attention next week. Regardless, the dome even sounded good - must have been the rivalry. Loved all of it and the final score most of all - ON TO REGINA!!

To bad it wasn't on in the US I had to keep calling up dates to my Father in Florida who made me a Ticat fan over 45 years ago.

I was more than pleased to call him right after the game!!! Three generations of Ticat fans loved it today!!!

There's a larger context to what happened today...

It would be spectacular for the League,and Canadian football in Southern Ontario in general,if games like this between these two teams happened more often...

It would be very nice to see both of these teams contending for championships year in and out for a long time.My feeling is that this rivalry has become a more traditional one over time because both teams have been either really bad or really good,but at opposite times.If both teams are vying for the division title,it makes the regular season games that much more meaningful and stokes that rivalry and enhances it...

The CFL Ontario addition missed the rivalry this year and we got a small sample in this playoff game, but lookout next year. :thup:

Nice Shirt Bakari!

Except for the font... my Argos Suck t-shirt looks the same!!!!!!!

:thup: :thup: :rockin: :rockin:


I saw that shirt in a shop on Barton St. yesterday...I almost stopped to buy one...I'd rather have one in black,though....

I hope they don't find some stupid reason to fine him. Totally hilarious and appropriate attire!!

Post. Of. The. Year.

Good on Bakari to wear it and he didn't display it until AFTER the Ticats proved the point by dominating the Arblows in the 2nd half! :smiley: :smiley:

Lol there I am in the Burris jersey. Honestly so happy, I haven't been so out of control of my emotions in a long time. Happy for the team and this city. Thank you so much Tiger-Cats!!