Yes , I know the ARGOS won on a last second field goal , but I almost wish that we lost.

HAMILTON on defense , with their play off hopes on the line , played one of the gutsiest performances that I have ever seen. :thup:

ALLEN played like crap , or was the HAMILTON defence just that good today? I think a little of both.

1 great goal stance stopping the ARGOS from scoring from the 1 yard line on 3rd down. :thup:

Hamilton players were dropping like flys , but they still kept their offence in the game , all game.

They could have actually blown out the ARGOS , if MAAS also wasn't awful. HOLMES earned his pay!

CONGRATS to HAMILTON , you deserved this game. :thup:

HAMILTON 9 , ARGOS 11 on a last second F.G.

The SASK. / WINNIPEG game should be very good on Sunday!

What the hell is wrong with Maas anyway? To say his play has been lacking this year is a gigantic understatement.



The schedule is fine.

Argos - Ticats games tend to be popular.

The problem this year is that Toronto is about to have their second week off, and Hamilton still hasn’t had their first week off.

Not quite sure how this thread got to be another pitch for a shorter schedule. Why would we want less football? The fact that some teams have had 2 weeks off and Hamilton hasn't had any yet is an unfortunate freak by-product of the revamped schedule due to the Renegade situation.