Congrats to Greg Marshall

True, but that doesnt explain away how Western missed blocking assignments on punt teams and QBs telegraphing a key inteception for a touchdown. Man. was a superior team but that's no excuse for Western's own controllable mistakes- they were keeping it close- controllable mistakes opened the floodgates.

Yes they are a much better team . But a very good head coach got Western players believing that they could win and win they did .They even had Manitoba worried .

There has to be a rule put in to make a level playng field so we can compete with the west and the east coast teams .

Congrats to losing for Marshall?Come On there is nothing in losing a game that brings you to the national championship to feel good about! Sure He was beaten by the a better team who was out numbered in every stat in the book that day and still lost! This shows you Offence does not win championships but Defence "Dominating Defence" Does! Oh yah there may be a next year for Marshall or maybe the next year or maybe the next year,Or the next year? You can never know by Mighty Marshal!LOL Chearup he was soundly beaten by a better team people!


But that’s why they play the game, as the saying goes. They should’ve forfeited if indeed the boys were so afraid of the men.

Not just age but Ontario has also had whacked scholarship rules that also has hurt them. Not an excuse for greg but the deck is stacked against ontario teams, here is a link to a good article by David Naylor of the Globe about athletic scholarships. It looks like Ontario might finally start to compete in the scholarship area at least, now age…thats completely different and also needs to be fixed:

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