Congrats to Greg Marshall

Congratulations to Greg Marshall on the Mustangs' Yates Cup victory yesterday and good luck to him the rest of the way.

Another classy individual who was never given a chance and that the Tiger-Cats organization ruined. Congrats Greg…if Ron hadn’t been in Hamilton you will still be coaching there.


Dont worry next week Mighty Marshalls little boys will learn how to play football by at least 27 players over the age of 25!Yes the boys against the men!The undefeated men!:wink:

Yes and you figure this is fair ?? are they slow learners out thier or what ??

Now the reasoning behind letting Marshall go, let s see, he went 9-8-1, 5-13, and with out Marshall we went, 4-14, 3-15.

Good thing Marcel did away with the Canadian experiment.

Best of Luck to Marshall!!!!!!!!!

Yes, congratulations are in store for Greg Marshall and the Mustangs winning the Yates Cup.

But when is everyone going to move on from this topic of him getting a raw deal, and all this other conspiracy theory crap?

When a professional sports team under-performs, more often than not the coach gets fired. It sucks, but it is true. It has happened 1000's of times before and will happen 1000's of more times in the future. I am sure he was a great guy and a class act, but guess what, he is long gone and is not coming back to the professional ranks any time soon. I hate to break it to you.

There is a huge difference between coaching volunteer Canadian kids at university who are yearning for direction and hang on your every word rather than a locker room full of paid professionals, each with their own personality, who come from the United States where there are more people at their highschool games.

Some people are just better off at the collegiate level. And the "yelling until you're blue in the face" style of Greg Marshall seems to be better suited to CIS football.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news.

  • paul
I hate to be the bearer of bad news. - paul
Paul: We'll let you know when you are the bearer of bad news. Thus far, you are not.

I wouldn’t count Greg Marshall out of professional football just yet. If he continues to get good results in CIS ball and with some CFL experience already in his background, we might see Greg on a professional level again.

Who said it had to be fair?Life is not always fair as Marshall will find again!I quess you meant "there"in your attempt to stick up for Marshall

For sure, congrats Greg for leading the underdog Stangs to victory. London and the Stangs are lucky to have you there. Hopefully you can do it again this wknd and get to the Vanier.

Hmmm cold weather, very cold weather this Saturday!

UPDATE…Marshall cant still win the big game when it counts!I beleive its his 5th time now!I cant beleive Laval lost today! Should be a good game friday in toronto!See you there!

Man Well he every make it to the Big one?

Not for a while, its next to impossible for ontario teams to compete outside the province now, not his fault the rules need to be changed.

Of course Onknight and justdoit have NO IDEA what the Ontario teams are up against . Only teams with exceptional talent will win against the teams from the WEST . The age difference and experiance will win out almost every time .

What the hell does this have to do with Marshall winning the big game ???

Dont know how anyone who watched the game could say Manitoba had some "edge" in player recruitment.It's Manitoba for heaven's sake.
The game wasnt decided until after half time. Western dominated time of posession but three big plays by Manitoba's D and ST, which were the product Western breakdowns in coverage and bonehead decsions by the QB, put them in the drivers seat.First half also included an inexplicable failed third and three gamble at mid-field by Marshall.

Manitoba maintained focus.Their players made plays. Western didnt have enough of either.
As Manitoba pulled out ahead Western looked dispirited and clueless.
You know the look.

Congrats to coach Marshal, on a underdog playoff run- re -Zontar- get ur facts rite, "First half also included an inexplicable failed third and three gamble at mid-field by Marshall".
It was midway thru the third q, Gambling at mid field when behind 24 points,in 3rd q is Canadian football at its best!

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That wasnt the third down gamble i was referring to. It was in the second qtr with the game still close.Not the point anyway-Western got simply got beat by a confident, focussed and prepared team and not by some some socio-geographical recruiting advantage.

zontar give it a rest . The players in Manitoba and the whole west university programs are dominated by much older players than we have here . They play junior football before they play University ball .Players who are 26 are much much stronger than a 20 , 21 year old .