Congrats to Geroy Simon

I do believe he once again led the league in receiving yards with his huge performance tonight. He had a horrible 1st half of the year and he was frustrated at not getting the ball. He stayed professional and worked hard and again proved he is the best wide receiver in the league!

It’s especially impressive if you consider the Lions used 3 QB’s this season.

Simon was hurt for part of the year. A number of people wrote him off. Today he showed why he is the current MoP. Best receiver in the league IMO!

Just looking at the numbers, he's been consistently one of the top 3 receivers in the league for 5 straight seasons.

Geroy is god of the CFL! When he is healthy and the QBs are not starting their first game of the year or career and get the ball to him he is unstoppable.

The lions are going to roll to the cup.

#1 receiver in the league, and also now the Lions all-time leading leader in receptions, taking top spot from good old Jim 'Dirty 30' Young. Jimmy had 522 and Geroy now has 526, and will certainly pad that number in the next couple years.

Geroy is amazing, no doubt about it.

I wonder what his numbers would be like if the post-season was included?

Geroy is going to take us to the Grey Cup promised land as sure as a crooked preacher rolling through the gullible hick towns of Sasktchewan in his cadillac curing the blind and saving poor souls.

hallelujah brother!

But Swervin, I've heard that them there backwoods redneck hillbilly mountaineers there in BC might prevent Geroy and his mates from getting the job done this year. Just a rumour I've heard. 8)

Did your neighbour send a messenger out by horse and buggy to tell you his stories from his big train ride out to them thar giant hill thingies in BC?

Ive been more impressed with Clermont this year. The guy goes out and takes a licking game after game and still keeps ticking.

I remember when the U or R Rams made their run to the Vanier and he played with a separated shoulder and was still the best player out there.

Yes, Brendan Taman let him go from Winnipeg, because he wasn't good enough to crack their line up... :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:

Thank you Brendan!

We are VERY HAPPY to have him!

...actually Sporty he left to try his hand at the nofunleague...K.C. i believe...he wanted to return to the Bombers but with a raft of good receivers at the time,didn't sign him...hence his departure for the coast...Even then he was all packaged up in a deal and going to be sent back to the BigBlue the next yr. by coach Buratto of the time...the deal was nixed at the last minute and Geroy remained a leo....Guess somebody woke up in lotus land.....heh heh...our loss :roll: :oops: