Congrats To Edmonton

Great game guys, Reilly played great... deserved MVP, I am genuinely happy you guys won, since 1996 Edmonton has been my 2nd favourite team...

:thup: :rockin:

Edmonton isn't my favourite team by a long shot, but congrads to them for winning the GC, they played well and deserve it. Congrads to Reilly as well, he's a real warrior.

Congratulations Edmonton your Eskies were very deserving of winning the 103 Grey Cup in Winnipeg and have played with great pride as a team since the return Mike Reilly this year who is a true leader!!

It was a good game played by two good teams, one team took home the hardware from the season in winning individual player awards and the other the Eskimos took home the ultimate team Trophy of the Grey Cup!

Today you sip from the cup again Edmonton, Enjoy it for a job well done!!

Yeah, I like Reilly too. Hard not to.

Best team, from one end of the roster to the other. :thup:

The game was a lot closer than a lot of people expected and Ottawa was in it till the end which is great for the CFL but in the end the better team won. Ottawa should still be very proud of their play this year. 8)

Congrats to Reilly and The Edmonton Eskimos!! :thup:

For sure congrats to Edmonton and saying that cheering for Burris and the RedBlacks to win. It was an excellent game overall. Reilly is one tough dude that's for sure.


Congrats to the Esks and their fans. And, to the Ottawa team and great fans of Ottawa who supported CFL football through last season. CFL is a great league, tradition and we live in a wonderful country.

CFL Forever :rockin: :cowboy: 8) 8) 8) 8)

Congratulations to Edmonton on the win. The better team prevailed and I can't say that I'm unhappy with the result. Reilly is truly a class act and a warrior. :thup:

ahh, the memories