Congrats to EDMONTON... :smiley:

You won the game and the battle in the trenches. :smiley:

The ARGOS , fumbled the game away , because of great Edmonton, defence. BUT ALLEN , did have 300+ yards passing , so he played well.As did BRUCE. Unfortunitly , for ARGO fans , the rest of the ARGOS didn't PLAY WELL. :cry:

Our season series is tied and you did returned the favour. :smiley:

The good news for THE ARGOS was THAT we had a season high 34,000+ , but there was about 38,000+ there. :smiley:

This also should sell even more tickets in MONTREAL, for that BIG O game.

The ARGOS have WINNIPEG next , and Montreal has B.C. next.


Once again , CONGRATS to EDMONTON. :smiley: :cry: :smiley:

that sucks, I'm now 1-2 :cry: , I hope my Bombers can make me tie! :smiley:

and they did baby!!!! YEAH!!!!!!

I am 1 for 2 , hopefully going for 1 for 3.

GO BOMBERS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was 3-1, first time in a few weeks now! :slight_smile:

congrats to winnipeg, edmonton, montreal. Teams that turn the ball over lose the close games almost all the time!!!! Edmonchuck will be tougher with all the money they spent on Troy Davis. But, they don't want to face Saskatchewan in the playoffs. Great games this weekend. By the way, BC, there is a receiver on Winnipeg called Milt Stegall- he's pretty good if you did not notice. What on earth were the db's of the lions thinking of during the game when covering Stegall??????????????????????????

CFL Rules
Thanksgiving and Turkeys Rule
Rider Pride nation Wide!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You're 1 for 2
Dont you mean going for 2 and 2

The running game obviously helped the Esks, but did it work because they got Troy Davis, or was it because he had more than 6 carries in the game (typical Eskimo offense)?

I think it was because of Troy Davis, and Comiskey helping to open up some holes. McClendon seems to run east to west too much and has trouble finding holes. It's very rare that McClendon runs ten yards in a carry even if he does get 5 carries. The first 3 or 4 rushing plays today for Davis were 10+ yard carries.

I think you're right, but it is apparent how much the O-line improved just with Comiskey back.

The funny thing is, this is mostly the same O-line the Esks had two years ago when they won the Grey Cup...

And Davis did run with a lot of authority. He's an Argo slayer.

The way i see it, Edmonton has fixed the few weaknesses they had on offence, and they will win their last few games of the regular season. The only weak position that exists on this team is kicker. I'm happy for Fleming for getting that short field goal today, hopefully he'll have his confidence back when we play sask next week. I'm lookin forward to that game.

I am 1 for 3 this week............ :lol: :smiley:

but in this case , I don't mind. :wink:

Hey... what about Ottawa's win Firday night.. Don't they get a little respect too. After all they did beat Hamilton pretty bad... Hmmm the same team that Edmonton couldn't beat and lost 40-14 to

Oh boy you made a bunch of Eskimo fans mad at you! Get those harpoons out boys you have a live one here!