Congrats to DeAndra' Cobb....1,000 + yards so far

...and that's only his actual running yardage..........I'm not sure of his all-purpose yardage tally.

Although he apparantly doesn't qualify as a rookie, maybe he'll be the Ticats choice for the Outstanding player category or the Offensive player category.

At any rate, he has been a great addition to the Tiger-Cat family and has earned every achievement he has made here with a humble, "team-first" attitude.

Looking forward to seeing DeAndra' having many more years of success as a Tiger-Cat......and seeing multitudes of "Cobb-Heads" in the stands..... :lol:

Yards from scrimmage he is 2nd in the CFL with 1668.

Well deserved, a great running back with a stutter step that can undress most defences at will.


Great job!! Congrats.

Congrats DeAndra on a well deserved accomplishment. That's a milestone that hasn't been reached in Hamilton for some time.
Keep on chuggin'.

Congrats indeed, DeAndra'. I love this guy as a player, and as a person. What a fitting way to to reach this milestone.

That was an exciting game to watch. Good to see such a great crowd. It was killing me not to be there. I hope we get that home playoff game. I miss football in November.

It's going to be a great weekend for football!

I honestly believe that Cobb has a great shot at rookie of the year. He really has helped this team not only along the ground, but has shown good hands and is a real threat off the pass. Way to go Cobb :thup:

He doesn't qualify for the rookie award due to his NFL stint. It's a shame but, it is what it is.

that`s too bad. If there was an award for best newcomer, I would give it to Cobb.

Not bad for a guy who came to camp as number four on the depth chart. Our first 1,000 rusher since Troy Davis. Congratulations Mr. Cobb and keep up the good work.

How many times has he scored a TD from well out inside the red zone? He has a nose for the endzone.

Exactly! Cobb is one of the more dynamic backs I have seen in the CFL for a while.

Like Clime said on the TSN panel of Cobb.. "You could take Cobb's name and number off his jersey and still tell it is him running. He has such a unique running style"

definetly congratulations; its really unfortunate about not qualifing for rookie of the year but oh, well. You guys have got 2 consider cobb the runningback of the future?? right?? I know of several people who are still talking about Cauley and Keith as our main backs !?!?!?!