Congrats to Damon Allen- 42 years young!!

Congrats to Damon Allen --- league MVP. Well done Damon. Funny how things go in sports. BC let Damon go for a younger Dave Dickenson. What has Damon done since leaving BC??? Grey Cup victory for Toronto last year and league MVP this year. No knock against Dickenson who is a fine quarterback but decisions and timing can be funny in sports - eh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CFL Rocks!!!

Damon, your the man!

Gratz to all the winners!!!

Atta' boy, Gramps! See ya' next year to challenge Moon!

Way to go to all the contestants. Great stuff, loved the comments by Makowsky about living out his dream playing in the CFK as a kid growing up out on the prairies, something along these lines at least. Another reason why this league just has to keep going for decades, centuries to come! helluv'a classy guy and a real asset to the CFL.....who knows how long he can play this game....keep er going Damon....long time overdue Congrats... :!:

yes congrats to all winners ! I look the last hour, overall it was a nice gala !

I hope I will be able to do the things he do when I'll be at is age. By that I mean beeing that healthy

Congrats DA

Als Fan

Good precision. Because I really doubt any of us will win MOP Awards and score touchdowns when we'll be 42... For those who still have to be 42 anyways.

He's a legend for sure, maybe next year with the fire burning in him after this years loss, he will be even better if he gets the protection and play out of his backs and receivers.
Go get 'em Damon - except when you play the TiCats!

and the FAN's Choice Award winner , as well........well done , ALLEN.

He has signed with the ARGOS for 2 more it.

congrats to ALL , including DANNY MAC.

I was just looking at his page on the Argo site.
Geeze you would think that they would update his stats.
Last year posted was 2003 :?

Allene is the man, but he has to retrie some season, hopfully not after this one.

anyway, he is one of the greats, a footy legend! good on him!

ALLEN , 2 more years!........Yes!

Are you sure about that because on the Argo site it says he signed for 2 more but it was dated back in Feb. Was 2005, 1 of the 2 years leaving 1 to go?

any way , he will be back for 1

I was not correcting you. I was wondering if his contract ended in 2005 and they added 2 or 2004 + 2

no problem , I read 2 years , but you may be correct about that date of the article.