Congrats To far

Good to hear that former CFL head coach Danny Barrett has been named interim head coach of the University of Buffalo team. He is being consider as a top candidate for the job since he has been groomed the past 3 years by Turner Gill.

Hopefully the Argos will go after Danny Barrett and leave Greg Marshall alone. I only wish.

Who whats to be the next Evel Knievel and coach the Boatmen, the poor ass hole should get hazard pay. :cowboy:

Congrats DB


It's good for Barrett.I see no reason for him to leave UB for the Argonaut job.It'll be interesting to see if Danny Barrett can carry on where Turner Gill left off.Gill's job of recruiting at UB was simply masterful.No one,and I mean NO ONE,should ever be able to win there.Turner Gill just got a very good job at Kansas.And if he can recruit there like he did here,I see aot of bowl games in UK's future.The Big 12 North is not as tough as the Big 12 South or the SEC....

Good for him,I have always been a fan of his.
I was thinking before Charlie Taaffe got hired that I would like him to be the Ti-Cat coach