Congrats to Chris Williams

On his first touch today, he set a CFL record with 6 td returns!
Not seen since Gizmo in 1985 (?) Congratulations Chris, to bad the outcome
wasnt in our favour

Not seen ever. That's why it's the new record.

You guys better sign Chris now to a long term contract before he is gone like Thigpen/

IIRC, Williams is signed through 2014.

Congrats Chris, & thanks for giving the fans a reason to cheer in this truly disappointing season so far. Also, thanks to all the blockers on the teams.

I'm pretty sure he hasn't signed an extension, so he'd be on a standard two-plus-option contract, with the option being the team's only. Which would mean he's only here through 2013. So far. I suspect that he will want to try out with the NFL for the chance at the big bucks, if he's willing to be a return specialist. I can't see him getting a chance as a receiver down there.

Bakari Grant signed an extension through 2014. Maybe that's who you're thinking of?

Where would we be without Chris, Chris is heading for the NFL sad to say. :frowning: If you think the cats look sorry now just think without Chris.

Great job Chris! It was great watching the game live on NBC Sports! Knowing the way Chris is,
he is not celebrating due to the loss.

I still think the Cats need to throw the ball his way more, Burriss was very inconsistent, good luck the
rest of the way!

Congrats to Chris for sure. :thup: It really makes that INT by that Argo for a TD quite impressive as he wasn't giving CW a lot of room and with Chris's speed, well, he could have turned that one upfield, down out and down sort of thing, if that had of been the play call which it wasn't of course, and then got burned.

Definitely congrats to Chris. The team would probably be fighting with Winnipeg for the basement without him. The guy is amazing, although he looked really tired by the end of the game. That's a problem when neither offences are playing well - the punt returners end up on the field way too much. Maybe take a page out of the Arghs' book and get an oxygen tank for him like they have for Owens? (Actually not sure if they still do that or not this year.)

Glad to see you were finally able to watch a game live this year. Would have been better had we won, but at least you got to see Chris break the league record. And yes, I'm sure he is more concerned with the team's success than his own.

For sure Chris has the goods to find any seam he can and with quick moves on the directional turns too. I'm not sure if Chris is as fast as Gizmo was, but it don't matter as Henry's time was then; Chris's time is now. Congrats to Chris Williams and thus a couple/few more to come.

Yeah, thanks CFIO, I was thinking of Grant. Speaking of whom, our passing game hasn't been the same since he got hurt.

It is doubtful Gizmo (in his prime) was as fast as Williams, as the latter has run the 40yd dash in a blazing 4.24 secs which could possibly be the fastest time ever recorded for a starter in CFL history.
and Walker and Grant are not far off either...

here is a "Chris Williams by the Numbers" page:

Chris Williams has the vision to see the openings and the speed to take advantage.
Congratulations to the Wee Man for his accomplishments so far.

BTW, did anyone catch the quip by Burris talking about CW on the TSN telecast?

Paraphrasing, Hank said something to the effect of, "When I first saw Chris in the locker room, I thought he was some fan who won a contest to have lunch with a TiCat as he did not look like a football player at all."

funny stuff.

Oh, and Burris also said that CW has no idea of how good he really is. (again paraphrasing)

Looks can be deceiving is a wise adage.

From last September:

Still too soon?

Wonder if Williams would consider playing DB occasionally.... :wink:

I hear ya CatsFan. I was in a somewhat similar position in high school, was the slowest guy on the 4 by 100 relay team that came 4th in Ontario at OFSSAA. The fastest guys played receiver but were soft, I played DB and did what it took, I volunteered to run back punts (our fast track guys no) and hit guys as hard as I could considering I was 5'7" and 140-45 pounds (they made me a co-captain in grade 13 for my desire, not my talent or physical attributes that's for sure). But CW has speed, what bugs me is the guys in high school who were faster than me and could have had a shot at CIS being faster and bigger but didn't go to university or weren't as committed. I'm proud of myself for being good enough to be a starter in high school with very average talent and physical abilities.

I really hope CW turns some heads in the NFL and lights it up there, the guy deserves it even at 155 pounds. How the US with their football religion mentality can't have a guy like this make a few bucks after college that gets spurned by their only pro league of substance is beyond me, but then I guess it's a bit like the "NHL talented hockey player" at that weight that never gets a true chance at the NHL. Thanks Chris for coming to Hamilton, don't let the negatrons in this city towards the Cats, our owner or even some fans say it wasn't a good move. I personally want to thank you for bringing your talent to my country. A shame a guy like CW or Doug Flutie can't make pro in their own country because the pro game is fairly different from the college game there, sucks, sucks, sucks big time there. One reason I like the NCAA over the over-rated NFL. Very over-rated NFL I say.