Congrats to Calgary

Congrats to Calgary, they made the necessary adjustments at half time to make the game intersting. It looked like they were capable of pulling this one out.

Both games ended up being exciting

I agree congrats to Calgary they lost 3 years in a row!

...Great game..Best of luck to the riders next weekend....I'll stow away my red and white gear now and wave a small but significant green flag for the next week......go riders!!!...

....haha bird, you're Mr. Obvious...

Take out the offside and it could have been different. Definitely an exciting game. Hopefully the excitement carries over to next weekend.

Excellent game...I don't recall a divisional semi-final weekend ever coming down to the last minute on both games...and certainly not two games this entertaining...

…the CFL rocks!!!..

So do shooters after big plays....

Two great games, here's hoping we see the same sort of efforts next week as well. Great day for the CFL.

Uh oh. Is jm hammered? It's not even 9 PM over here. :lol:

Hammered, no...but comfortably numb...nothing illegal, though...8)

No, hammered! Great game Riders and best of luck against the Lions. my son.....red2005... good game.. you came up a little bit short...scared the Riders though...i think your off-field problems are a concern...maybe Hufnagel will straighten things out...the Bombers will continue on least one more game... :wink:

Both games were great.

Next week will be even better.

Bombers (East) and Riders (West). 8)

Man, my Thanksgiving weekend will be a great one. All kinds of football...with the Grey Cup to top it off! :rockin:

A great game, a little too close for my liking, however. If not for an offside call the last minute could have been far more interesting for sure.

The off side is no difference then penality on Holmes in the fourth. If it would have went the other way, Sask would have had a 1st down on 7 instead of going for 2nd and 14 from the 20 yard line.

So it isn't worth the talking about the off side.