Congrats to Cahoon,Calvillo ! Watkins and payton:(

Congrats to Ben Cahoon what a carreer and what a class act this guy is ! Greatest receiver in Als history.

Anthony Calvillo a great comeback game. Attitude, great arm in that game, best I've seen him throw in a long time. Deserved a better faith, many passes right in the hands dropped by..Kerry Watkins and a couple by Deslauriers. Watkins has been here four years now and he
is expected to be a go to guy and he's been dropping balls all year, drops killed too many drives yesterday and was one of the big reasons for the loss. Deslauriers needs to be more agressive as well. This kid could be a great one.

Now Jarret Payton, third bad game in a row and he needs to adjust to the CFL game, when a back his size is one on one with a DB on a critical down, he needs to use his arms. I have not seen one stiff arm from him yet and he needs to make some adjustments to his game. Can he catch the ball? because I haven't seen any plays designed to throw him the ball. I'm not sure this is the right guy long term but then again its hard to evaluate a running back this year with this line and OC...

So had Payton got an extra 50 yards and Watkins and Deslauriers brought their A game. Calvillo would have thrown for 500 yards in his return and the Als would have won. Good job to the team!

I agree, especially about Payton...He had a great few first games but now he is looking quite ordinary

True…but that O-line does not seem to be opening up too many holes for him though.

Coaching and O-line are the two main problems on offense. The drops were bad but can be rectified. Without a good O-line, forget about offense. Herb Z. is once again talking about 'immobile Calvillo' and making it sound like the sacks were Calvillo's fault. I guess the 5 sacks the previous game were also Calvillo's fault. Oh wait, he wasn't PLAYING.

I hear you discipline. A more mobile QB can hide an O-line problem to certain point but there isn't much anyone can do if he has a defender in his face the moment he receives the snap. There is also very little a RB can do if 2 defenders are in the backfield the moment he has the ball.

It's kind of hard to get into a rythm as a Running Back, if you only get 10 carries in the game, especially against a tough defense like Saskatchewan. Also, it doesn't help when you get a draw call, and the Defense clearly sees it or expects it, how do you expect to break a big gain?

Calvillo, Thurmon and Cahoon all played great. There is no doubt in my mind that Calvillo still feels the shoulder, but he still came out and made quick decisions, and great throws. Thurmon was everywhere, using his size to his advantage, and making great catches. And Cahoon...well Cahoon was Cahoon.

Watkins and Deslauriers dropped a few passes in critical moments. In the 3rd Quarter, the Als marched downfield, and on 2nd and long, Watkins dropped a very catchable ball, and they had to settle for a field goal, that took all momentum away.

Ashlan Davis, he's a great receiver, but I can't say I'm a huge fan of his returns. I still don't think Montreal has anyone to fill that Returner position, and that's why I believe we should go after Levingston.

Jim Popp said changes will be made, I think he should get rid of Bellefeuille, and look in the mirror, because Jim is clearly no Head Coach.

I don't think players intentionaly stop playing for "A" coach. They have pride and its their living. Having said that I remember when Popp took over the team last year, Vercheval overheard Popp say "Party is over now" or something towards that line.

This is a team that practiced without pads for five years, had no curfews. A team where players were accountable to themselves and their teammates. Overnight Popp came in with a philosophy that working harder in practice, Better conditioning and more discipline would yield the best out of his guys. In theory he's probably right but in fact all that does is make coming to work harder and allows less time for guys to bond and heal. It may be coincidence but it is still a fact that this team has had more injuries this year then at any since 1996. They aren't playing great football, their boss is under the gun and you know these guys are feeling it... So you are correct i think when you say the guys aren't having fun coming to work ANYMORE... I hope they turn things around and have a great finish...I am skeptical this late in the season but a couple wins and you never know...

What do you expect?
Its Herb!

Maybe Herb will be replaced by Larry Smith...everything will be rosy if he's on the als beat ! LOL!

Well, at least Robert Edwards is doing well with his new team!! Funny how that worked out.

You all are so busy trying to blame one player or players for the recent losses. Coach Jones runs the same two plays throughout the game....he is so easy to read. The rushing three men on 2nd down is not working...hello.

We do not need a new MLB we need bigger LB in general. Ellis and Mackey are our only 2 LB breaking 200 pounds. Strickland and Hill are both 185 -188 going against 300 pound OG and 200+ pound FB.

We need strengh on our defence. Look at winning teams like Winnipeg. All their LB are 200+.

We also need some height these 5-9 DB can not compete against these tall WR.

Robert Edwards is doin great with Toronto...

I'm very happy for Big Rob and his brother. Class act both of them and it looks like Terrence Edwards will be the go to guy for many years in Winnipeg.

Edwards is doing great. He rushed for a season high of about 112 yards last weekend! Robert is a class act, and great player. But things aren't quite working out well, when your team signs Troy Davis.

Chris Jones is to be blamed? I'm ripping my hair out when I see our D-Line NOT getting any pressure on the QB, and when the opposition throws a deep ball, and our DBs are 1 on 1 with the receiver, they NEVER look back at the ball! LOOK AT THE BALL! Once the guy's eyes go up, the ball is in the air, forget the man, play the ball. The DBs never, look at the ball. As for DBs being 5'9", how many DBs do you see that are 6'2"? The DBs need to be quick, it's gonna be hard to find a tall guy who can cover receivers. Normally, the taller guys are clumsy.

Linebackers, Strickland may be small, but he is our best Linebacker. Amazing football smarts, and very athletic. Our Linebacker Diamond Ferri, probably the smallest guy on Defense, is the 2nd best Linebacker, through my eyes. He's everywhere, physical and not afraid to get his nose into anyones business. Our Middle linebacker, I feel there's a gap there, but that's just me.

I don't know why Jim Popp released, John Grace and Tim Cheatwood, but those are 2 multiple CFL All-Stars, and were never given a chance. We can sure use guys like that, to make our Defense, better than it already is.

But, the Defense is NOT the problem. Sure they get burned, but their are humans too. They need breaks. They can't go out and stop everything. So tell the Offense to stop going 3 and out and give them a small break.

Also, how would you feel, when you create a turnover, and put your Offense in great field position, then the Offense can't convert on 3 tries at the 1 yard line? Not only does that spark the other team and primes them up, it just sucks all the air out of the team's ball.

I agree. I've read a lot this week about the D but in the first quarter they got two turnovers and gave the offense a short field three times and the Als came away with four points...When the Riders got the wind they took care of business.