Congrats to Buck, Geroy, Paris and Sean.

Buck: Outstanding, so much courage after getting up from those hits, and he had AWESOME consistency. Buck deserves to stay on BC, not saying as a starter, but at least a back up.

Geroy: Your back! Amazing catches, laying yourself out their for the ball, making that extra effort for that extra yardage. Over 100 yards, good job! :slight_smile:

Paris: Nice TD, and good job on making some amazing catches, hope your not injured to bad on your knee though!

Sean: Yeah.. you missed some, but, you won the game for us, good job!

Just say "I could never say anything nice about Buck" next time. Sheesh, the guy had a good game. Give him his due even if you hate him.

Geroy is amazing, he must wear his jersey to bed at night. 9 or 10 times he will come through with a clutch catch. In my opinion Geroy is the heart of this team and should have more plays designed around him.

I can't congratulate someone who is as bad as Whyte is. He can't punt worth shit and he is the worst in the league when kicking field goals. He misses 30 yarders! No, if he hadn't missed those field goals he wouldn't have had to "save" the game with the final field goal.

Wally is so good at finding talent, I really question keeping this guy. I try not to second guess Wally but this one really baffles me.

Isn't McCallum back from being injured?

Yes but they don't dress him and he has asked for a trade.