Congrats to both BC and Calgary

Wow, that was one hell of a game. My vote for game of the year so far and that will definately be hard to top! Henry Burris looked scary good, Jarious Jackson comes off the bench cold and answers all the Stamps TD's, Awesome game! Joe Smith and Joffrey Reynolds were both beasts as well. On a negative note tha Rosouli guy is going to get one earful. I think Suitor said it best "this is what CFL football is all about."

Cheers, and congrats

Yes, indeed! Both teams came out winners and deservedly so.

....yes, congrats to both teams, six lead changes not including OT, very entertaining...two red hot offenses and two soft Ds...

Unreal game, absolutely insane. For once in my life I am almost speechless., RLR if you were here I would head lock you and noogie your head...

Don’t think you could call it soft D, both O’s were on fire. You could have put an allstar D out there and they wouldn’t have done so well. Both QB’s (Pierce and Burris) were on their games.

Both QB's had oodles of time to throw as well.....

This was one of the most exciting games I have seen in years. Though a staunch B.C. fan, I am very pleased with the outcome. Hopefully the ratings for this game were impressive because both teams showed how CFL football is meant to be played.


That definitely was a display of the CFL at it’s best. What a great game by both teams. They meet 2 more times so I hope those games are just as entertaining.

Don't like ties...if they are tied after the mini game, they should go to sudden death or better, yet keep playing until there is a winner.

Rasouli is going to be getting an earful, alright. Stupid penalty at the absolute worst time. Without that penalty, the Leos probably would have won by at least a single.

Exciting finish though, Burris was a tiger, Lewis, Copeland, and Reynolds all played well. Pierce was accurate ,Cleremont was amazing, as was Simon, and Jackson filled in beautifully.

Kudos to both teams.

credit to both teams ... someone did say one time....a tie is like kissing your sister...but hey....a VERY entertaining game....and ended the way it should of based on the play.....Henry should sue his defence for non-support....but i guess Bucky could as well...much like the game earlier in the year Bombers vs. Esks....great game to watch....BUT a neutral result.... The nfl has to turn green with envy when a contest like this is compared to some of their over-rated crap...keep er goin' CFL..... :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

Game of the year. What makes the CFL beautiful is the creativity afforded by the big field and big plays with only 2 downs to make anything happen. A game played out to this result brings out the best in it.

Yep a fantastic game,even with the shortcomings on the zebra's side. Shows the character of both teams to come back time and again. Every fan should be proud of this one.

Ageed, best game of the year, excellent entertainment.
Too bad there wasn't a winner, the OT format is great but I would take it as far as a winner is declared.

Very entertaining to say the least, the tie was fitting as both teams refused to lose. The defenses took the night off as neither could come up with that big stop or turnover when they needed it.

Definitely an amazing game. And did anyone else notice... there weren't that many stupid penalties called. Only one I can remember off the top of my head is the face mask, but considering the player's head jerked, making it look like his mask was grabbed, I could understand that one.

Great game. Though I am still ticked about Calgary tying Edmonton. I guess we'll just have to beat Saskatchewan tonight. :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually for the face mask call, I honestly believe it wasn't for the call on the ball carrier but on the BC blocker before he hit Smith.

Great game, kudo’s to both teams. They both deserved a point.