Congrats to Bombers!


O.k. I was wrong, wrong, wrong. The Bombers whipped the Awful Argos and Willy brought excitement back to Winnipeg Stadium.
Good to see it. Makes the league better as prairie fans are the best.
Hard for me to say or admit but well done Bombers.

:thup: 8)

Congrats also to the Blue Bombers!

It's so much sweeter when it comes from the gap :smiley: :thup: This couldn't have come at a better time as far as the the bombers are concerned.Apparently ticket sales are hot for next week . It's been a long time since we have had this much optimism.

Congratulations to the Bombers and Mike O’Shea in his first win as the new head coach and against your old team the Argo’s, it’s been a couple of years but hopefully Winnipeg is for real and stronger again back in the Wild West of the CFL!!

Nice to see for sure, but it's too soon to draw conclusions. Back in 2010 we opened with a dominant 49-29 win over Hamilton, but we finished 4-14.

.....So true ,ploen truth...I think we have to put together a few more wins, before you can say we've truly turned the corner...We sure looked good in that first one though ,and I hope we can keep it going.. :roll:

Casey Creehan was just doing in his part on being with CFL team that gives up the most points. Two years running, baby. Gotta make it 3 in a row!!!

Looks like the Blue Jays in a 5 team division have a better chance than the Argos to make the playoffs this year. :wink:

Only one game out of 18 though, yes, will admit that. The Bombers will still end up last in the east, perhaps. :stuck_out_tongue: