Congrats to Bombers and their fans!


Good win Winnipeg. It is tough to win on the road (except in Hamilton) as my Riders and Calgary discovered this weekend! But,
honestly, didn't Troy Westwood look like Little Bo Peep with his bow on his pony tail!!!!!??

Riders Will Return

:lol: Whatever Westwood looks like...he's kicking some(you know what) while he kicks that ball.

Go Blue! Make fun of Troy as much as you want...he played great today with kicking field-goals, anyway. We're back in this thing! THE CROWD WAS NUTS - WOO! :slight_smile:

See the Blue Bombers fly up, up!
To win the Grey Cup.
Our boys who play this grand old game,
Are always striving for glory and fame!
See the blue bombers fly up, up,
The other teams they don't fear,
They all try their best,
But they can't contest,
As the bombers fly up!

Riders will mess up again! see ya next season! :smile:

didn't think that post would last this long.

Still a brutal song…


The Bombers have got their butt kicked in 50% of the games they've played this season, then they barely beat Saskatchewan and now they're suddenly a great team?


The team still stinks

What no lame song?

its not KK

Turkey’s are worse then Kanga’s!

hmmm, havent come across one yet

way wrong there, rw05......way way wrong..... :wink:

Qhere would I be wrong? IMO Turkeys songs are lame at best!

becase of the negative reaction to his songs last season, TB has gone silent.

ok, let's start the bid at $1, do I hear $5? Rider fans? you want this guy, I know you do!

I'll disagree with you my friend, Kanga's songs are hard to follow with his misppeled words.Turkey has managed to poke fun at almost every team other than his own. Out in lotus land here, Rock 101 has Brother Jake who seems to find "Twisted tunes" to play on the air. I should send Turkey to bro Jake!