Congrats. to Blink

...Charles Roberts passed an all-time great in Leo Lewis in the Labour Day clash....kinda got washed out in all the hoopla....BUT...i didn't forget are more than deserving of some special attention in the banjo bowl...records are hard to come by...and it takes a huge professional effort to accomplish what you have...I have watched the Bombers through many years....and always thought Lewis could never be equalled...You definitely have proved me wrong...SIR CHARLES....NO. 1 :thup: :rockin:

yes congrats to charlie and i really hope there is a special ceremony next game in winnipeg like they had for milt when he got the td record

I remember Cuthbert and Suitor mentioning this briefly. Congratulations are definitely in order. Good job, Roberts! Keep charging... except when you play Edmonton. :stuck_out_tongue:

Great job Chuckie, look out next week Riders he will want a big game at home.

Congrats to Charles Roberts, a great job on passing a Bomber legend. Next week should be a great game, Im looking forward to watching it!

Two games ago someone ,I'm sure it was Danny Mac, said that in all the years he's been in Canada Roberts was the best Back he'd ever seen.
Full measure for the record and Charles has the wheels to push it much further.
Great Job! Great Player!

ya congrats to roberts to bad the ball got thrown away a play later after armstrongs td. glad that a man in blinks size can light it up day in and day out. congrats

i do gotta say the announcer made george reed look amazing as a rider which he was, but when push comes to shove they were showing a blue and gold legend beating his record,only something a blur and gold fan would point out at the game. LOL.