Congrats to Bill D.!

It is nice to see Bill Danychuk going up on the Wall of Fame. He was an important pat to our o-lines in the 60's-70's. Man could he play. Anybody else remember him playing? :rockin:

I also remember Bill playing,and am very happy to see his efforts recognised in this fashion.

Didn’t he and Angelo Mosca run the End Zone in Burlington together at one point in time?

Don’t recall if it was a Night Club or Restaurant or perhaps both?

Night club one of my friends played there.

Bil Danychuk was a stalwart member of our O-line through the glory years of the 60s- early 70s. He played both guard and tackle, consistentnly and at a high level. He was a fierce competitor and a real gentleman. Along with Jon Hohman, Ellison Kelly, Charlie Turner and Gene Cepetelli at centre, they were one of the best O lines the CFL has ever seen, up there with the Hogs of the 70s in Winnipeg.

He's very deserving of being on the Wall of Honour.

....Not to mention the Canadian Football Hall of Fame where he has been long overdue!!!

I always thought that Bill Danychuuck retired too soon. It seemed that when he packed in his playing career, he still had some years left in him.
I'm sure he had his reasons.
One of the best, ever!