Congrats to BEN CAHOON

New All Time Receptions Leader.
Way to go, Ben Cahoon.

Nice to see it happen at home, and in a winning effort.

Great all time CFL player. Congrats Ben Cahoon!!!

Ahh you beat me to it. Anyway congrats, and hope this is only the beginning of a new record. :smiley:

Lots to be thankfull for on this Thanksgiving Monday. Thanks Ben Cahoon and congats.

Giving hope to slow, small white guys everywhere. :lol: :lol: :lol:

Seriously, though, congrats to Ben. What an accomplishment! And those 1007 catches have not been easy, either. No hotdogging go routes or easy post patterns without physical contact -- the bulk of those receptions have been tough, grinding catches in traffic, often accompanied by hellacious hits afterwards. It's ugly work, but that's how you win football games. :thup: :thup:

Congratulations to Mr. Cahoon for alll the hard work after practice, also over 1000 punishing blows you took for your team.

One of the all time great athletes and individuals to wear a sports uniform in Montreal. Special thanks to his family for supporting Ben and traveling back to Montreal for over ten years.

Thanks to Hit Em Hard a fan of a rival team for recognizing Ben by starting this thread :thup:
Happy Thanksgiving buddy :rockin:

I was glad to witness this historical event live at Mcgill stadium.

What a great receiver, another Mr. CFL. Just wish he was a TigerCat, oh well. :wink:

Lucky for you mike. :thup:

CAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON, 10000000000000000000007. Good on ya, mate :slight_smile:

Yes Sir Ben Cahoon is now a living legend in the CFL.

The amazing thing is the guy looks like he has 2 GOOD years still in him.

great job BEN . I have always liked your style of play, the no flare just play hard and get it done good on ya !
even comin from a rider fan -----cfl is where it's at

Ben is a player that nobody can hate, even when playing for another team than yours. He was always a class act and still is.

he's the kind of player you want in your team, he's an inspiration to all of his teammates.

Thanks to Jim Popp for drafting him in the 90s.

Totally awesome
Way to go Ben
Maybe now AC can see his way clear to throwing you a TD pass or two

Good for him…
The only thing I didnt like about it was stopping the game to give him that award… Do they always do that? I think its can cause a change in momentum and mess with the rhythem of a game… But it was also nice seeing some of the Stamp players congratulate him

I'm sure Ben would agree with you
Never really liked the hoopla and personal glory
However...the game was over by the time the catch was made
And Calvillo managed it so it marked the beginning of "junk time"
Bring in the backups and finish off the game

What better tribute than to show it all again?

I didn't like it either, and neither did Cahoon himself. He said afterward that he had no idea that the stoppage would happen, he thought it was nice but a bit over the top, and he actually apologized to some Calgary players after the stoppage.