Congrats to B.C.

The white flag has been raised, I started looking for it at halftime.

Anyways congratulations to the Lions and their home crowd.

I would love to see guys like Clermont and Dickenson capture the Grey Cup (of course not as much as my Riders) but I will be pulling for you guys next week.

Yeah I was cheering for the Gophers but BC looked pretty good in their 3rd Jerseys with swanky orange helmets. Under the dome in the first half Sask looked a little like the small town team in a Disney-esque movie who goes to the state championships and plays the team from the big city. I hope the Cup stays in the west...Lions so hot right now even Printers had to check 'em out. WTF was up with that??

Big, big congrats to the played a great of luck next Sunday.

Congrads to the BC Lions, the better team won today :cowboy:

I was going to post a picture but, that's unclassy. You guys are showing great class. You guys had a great game in Calgary. I knew you guys were better then the Stamps but I guess this is BC's year. Great season guys and wish you're western brothers luck :stuck_out_tongue:

Congrats to BC on their victory today. BC outplayed the Riders in every phase of the game. Good luck next weekend.

Congratulations BC Lions, you played hard. You deserved the win. I would have also liked it had the Riders got to the Cup. I think that if BC plays like that next Sunday the Cup is theirs.

Classy Riders fans. You have completely changed my opinion on your fans. On behalf of myself, a Lions fan, we appreciate you guys supporting us next week in the Grey Cup.

with tillman in charge, the riders ship has sunk, tillman made it to the west fianl with shivers' players, lets see how far that porcupine hair dude gets with his own players.

You have to hand it to those BC fans. They sure helped out their team. Maybe if Calgary fans had shown up for their home game the Stamps might have been playing today instead of the Riders.

and their 14th and 15th, etc. I sure am glad I didn't make the trip to Vancouver for that stink bomb, but from what I could tell on the TV, the fans made it very difficult for KJ and the Riders. So congrats for that and good luck in the Grey Cup!

Go Riders..... Next Year!!

riders weren't playing the best,, they had the crowd against them and the lions were playing top notch, congrats to the lions. now go represent the west and kick some allouette ass

Congratulations BC... Good Luck Next Weekend. Represent The West!!!

Thank you Rider fans........we all appreciate your congratulations.
The WEST will rule..and we will welcome your cheers!

The best player on the field today was good ole number 13, so congratulations!

I suspect that overwhelmingly the Rider nation will now support you in Winterpeg, so good luck!

The crowd certainly factored in. I know I didn't lose my voice for nothing!! Wow, I've never heard it THAT loud. Awesome.

We'll stick together in the "West is Best" campaign. 'Cause that Montreal kicker (and a fan who "told us so") need to be taught a lesson about sportsmanship.

Well, I remember it being that loud back in the 80's when BCP first opened, and we always had 45k+ in the stands.

Congrats to the Lions and their fans on a great game. They were clearly the better team today, and good luck in the Grey Cup. I will be cheering for the Lions next week, lets keep the Cup in West!


click the lionstv and they got a clip of the crowd goin nuts

pammy was cheerin on her