Congrats To A Saskatchewan Dynasty

WOW, 7 championships in 10 years.

That would be the Canadian Junior ( 17 - 24 ) Saskatoon Hilltops.

A dynasty nobody outside Sask knows about , because for some reason junior games are not on tv.

The CIS Vanier gets all the media, but junior Canadians are just as important to the CFL as CIS.

Not sure if University rules would allow it, but I would love to see a game between the Canadian Junior Bowl Champs and the CIS Vanier Cup Champs.

You're joking right???

CIS talent is far ahead of Junior.

That's why it's Junior.

Players have for many years left Junior teams a few years in to go play CIS.

Plus there's only a couple teams in Junior that are of any decent talent. This is why the Hiltops win so often.

The Jr. Rams played a Canada West team back in the 80's. For some reason I think it was the U of A Golden Bears. Does anyone on here remember that game and the result?

They are in the same age bracket.

Should they not be at the same skill level ?

I am not knowledgeable when it comes to JR or CIS.

I am not aware of any time the JR's played the CIS.

All I know is the JR. Rams played from 54 - 98 in JR, then moved over to the CIS as the U of Regina Rams in 99.

Back in the day the Mississauga Raiders went through a stretch of not losing in five years. Dwight Edwards who went on to play for Toronto and Saskatchewan couldn't be stopped on kick or punt returns.

Jr ball can be a blast to watch and needs more respect. Just too much hockey talk in this country. Love hockey but there's more going on.

There's beer league flag football teams in the same age bracket too. Doesn't mean they're the same skill.

CIS is miles ahead of Junior football when it comes to skill, and barely any attention is paid to it in Canada. Getting people to watch junior football would be pretty much impossible.

Ticats had a junior night last year with the Hamilton Hurricanes playing after Ticats vs Esks. Cool Ideal although I think they would have got more attention if the junior game was before the CFL game.

I don't think that happened this year- replaced by the Mac game/Football day in Hamilton?

Most the guys in my beer league are in the same age bracket as NHL players.

So... you're saying we have a chance to beat the Montreal Canadiens??? WhootWhoot!!!! Bring them on baby!!!

Anyways, yes - a true dynasty. The only comparable is back when the Regina Rams were in junior and having similar success. Sask really is THE junior football hotbed in Canada. Congratulations Hilltops!

Yet the guys in Junior and CIS, both had to play high school first.

When I graduated high school ( 1981 ), I had a friend who played on the high school team, graduated and played 4 years for the U of C Dinos.

Also , I had 2 friends who went to Mount Royal College that played 3 years for the JR Calgary Colts.

Please do not assume, just because CIS is on tv, that they are at a higher level than Canada JR.

Nah, CIS is a higher level of play than junior. Look at the Regina Rams, who were dominant in junior. So dominant that they changed the program into University ball. They struggled for several years before having some success. And knowledgeable football people experienced in those leagues will tell you the same.

Then I shall except the majority opinion and adhere to the notion CIS is a step up from Junior.

However, I still say the Canadian Bowl should be broadcast on TSN.

If they can show non sports like billiards, darts, and card games , they should be able to find room for JR. football.

Now that I agree with 100%. Host the Vanier, the Canadian Bowl, and the Grey Cup on the same weekend in the same city. Broadcast all 3.

I agree show the game.

For sure, I agree with that too

There are some strong players who end up in CJFL instead of CIS (ex. Andrew Harris), but overall CIS is a step up in level.

Your friends going on to Mount Royal and junior ball underscore the need in this country for a college (i.e. not university/CIS/Usport) football programme. Not every CIS-calibre player coming out of high school has the academic chops to gain admission to a CIS school, so it would be nice if the CCAA fielded football teams too.

Congrats Hilltops.

Nice win

Grey Cup wins last decade

Cal - 3
BC - 2
Sask - 2
Mtl - 2
Tor - 1
Edm -1
Ham - 0
Wpg - 0
Ott - 0

The Rams went to the Vanier Cup in their 2nd year of existence, losing by 3 points to the GeeGees. That was a pretty good team though, several long time CFLers starred on that team with Neil Hughes and Jason Clermont. I think if guys didn't have to sit out the previous year for eligibility reasons they would have been really good their first year too. There's certainly a gap between junior and CIS, but I don't think it's as big as we may be led to believe, at least with the elite junior teams.