Congrats to a losing Ti-Cat team!!

We are certainly closer now to a win than we have been before with a young team like the Ti-Cats and I believe next home game against Winnipeg that we will win our first game if Timmy Chang starts.

Tonights game agaist Winnipeg, was a tough game for the most part but certainly some great plays by our DEFENCE kept us in the game. Zeke “And Destroy” Morano
and company played another great game and kept it close if we had a QB who could hit the red zone we probably would have won the game. Great catches by all the recievers, Bauman, Curry, Gardner and great playing again by Lumseden to get the tough yards when it counted.

I believe in this team and we have to get the QB position fixed because we need TD’s not taking away from the great leg of Nick Setta but this team needs TD points in the red zone or it will be a long season. Play Chang at Home, EAT EM RAW!!!

i have to agree with every thing u said

I agree.

Uh, Glenn completed 78% of his passes. He was over 80% for most of the game. Damn that Maas and his defensive converage!

The Cats need new life, that’s what Timmy Chang bring’s to the table he is a proven Winner in the NCAA and if given the opportunity I believe he will with the CATS but he needs to play. We have a young team, could you imagine how much more motivated our defence would be if our offence scored a couple of TD’s tonight instead of field goals, the team would be hyped all around. The winning attitude spreads and this teeam has that ability it needs the right leader at QB and Jason is not the guy to do the job.

We have watched Maas now for one and half years, the first year it was my arm, I need an operation at seasons end, he had the operation is he any better???

He still cannot hit the end zone with consistancy, he can get us to the red zone but it all comes to an end at that point, instead he takes a sack and holds on to the footballso we can lose yards instead of gaining yards, it not only loses yards, he also loses respect for taking a sack instead of throwing the ball and losing the down.

Play Timmy Chang, lets support him, coach him and this guy will be a WINNER for our team. Go Cats Go!!!

if i'm wrong and chang is the answer to winning i'm all for ain't about maas to me it's about the team. .
sorry if i disagree though i still feel maas is the guy.

Let’s see who Desjardins Air Line flies in this week.

I believe the original post was

"Let's see who Desjardins AIRLIFTS in this week"

but nice spin on it

the qb is our missing ingredient. Everything else seems to be coming into its own. the defense is looking tough. the receivers are hanging on to their passes. Kicking is the best in years. the o line seems to be jelling. If we can fill the qb. we will be a team to reckon with!!!

That was the most depressing loss of the season so far. I thought Hamilton had a good chance to win going in. I agree, the QB situation needs attention now!

i'll guarantee you the coaching staff calls all the offensive plays. is there some responsibility there?