Congrats to 2013 DPOY Chip Cox!

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Way to go, Chip!

There`s no debating this. Chip had an amazing season and is well deserving of the award.

It's nice to see a player with a touch of arrogance. I've never seen a guy win an award and say "well it's about time I feel I should've won this years ago" it's very refreshing I must say

Damn straight. I don't even feel it's arrogance, just honesty, because he also says that he never feels like he played a perfect game, ever, i.e. he's always thinking about what he could have done better in a given game.

Whatever it is it's not something you see very much in athletes anymore and is very refreshing

Agreed, it's very refreshing. I love that Cox speaks his mind. He's never disrespectful or rude, just honest. Like before the ESF, he responded to reports that the Cats were upset with perceived trash-talking from the Als by scoffing. Essentially saying that you always think your team is going to win, and if you don't, something is wrong with you. It's a breath of fresh air in this age of manufactured controversy.

To put it succinctly, the Chipper rules!!!!

Très heureux pour Cox. Il ne l'a pas volé, et c'aurait été un vol s'il n'avait pas reçu cette dinstinction.