Congrats Ti Cats

You played a great game last night and deserved that win.. Hopefully it continues and you can get your season back on track..

Even though I am a Bomber fan I have always liked the Tiger Cats.. Of course when they are not playing the Bombers...

Thanks GT, you're a class act as always.

GT, if you’re a Bombers fan, where’d you get your name? Are you from the Rock originally?

I am from the rock and have lived in Winnipeg for eight years.. I actually spent the entire month of July back in Newfoundland and had a blast... Had a hard time leaving this time.

Awesome, I've had some great friends from Newfoundland; really friendly people (who could drink me under the table - damn, that screech is like paint remover). I still want to get there one day. One of only three provinces I have yet to see (along with NB and PEI).

And aren't you proud of a Hamilton-displaced-to-Victoria boy knowing who General Taylor is? :smiley:

I got on that screech one night when I was home and I was sick for a bit the next day but got right back on the booze that night..That made me feel better :slight_smile:

Also yes am impressed you know what General Taylor is... Well done.

If you can ever make it out there.. Go it is a great place and a great party... If I am ever there at that time we I would break out a bottle of screech...

PEI is great too. NB not so much, since its mostly french...

also, mr general, good to see you somewhere other than the zone.

Careful with the comments about heritage

I am on PEI right now and having a blast!

I like this fourm never been around much but might stick around this one...

PEI is one province I have yet to go but hopefully will make the trip in the next couple of years.

while i have a general dislike of french people (for reasons all of my own) that wasn't what i meant here.

NB is about 2/3 french SPEAKING.

and these aren't generally the 'friendly' montreal french who realize you can't speak french and then start speaking English and acting rather annoyed.

They're actually rather friendly, just good luck to you if you want a burger and don't speak a lick of french past: "ou e la biblioteque?"

lovely province to drive through though.

Just not nearly as nice as PEI (friendlier, and this says a lot, and better golf courses)
OR Nova Scotia
(prettier, about as friendly and even better golf courses than PEI)