Congrats Ti-Cats!!

....good game tonight good people of Hamilton!!.....justice was served for the win we stole off you here in Cowtown......I'm happy you got that monkey off your back even if it was at the expense of my team.......look forward to more wins on the way.....

Congrats from an Argo fan but they won almost in spite of themselves. Calgary was out of synch all night and were ripe for the picking but the Cats just couldn't get it together until the end. Hopefully, it was just a matter of working the new guys into the lineup. Still, Maas looks bad--maybe he's just one of those QBs that's better in relief than starting. The receivers still can't get open consistently (which is partly responsible for Maas's poor showing). The play selection is still awful (Maas or Paopao?).

The O-line was good as was Myers. The D was solid too. Holmes was excellent as was Vaughan.

An Argo fan

Am season ticket holder who was unable to attend tonight. Caught the 2nd half on the tube.Not pretty but a win is a win. Hopefully this is the kickstart we need.Oskie Wee Wee

Thank you guys that was very classy.

Thank you

Well, I'd like to thank the two non-Ticat fans for congratulating the Ticats on their first win. Very classy. Anyway...

That's a good analysis, I'd say. The Stamps were not at their best, but then again, neither were the Ticats. Both teams took bad penalties, and that botched Maas-to-Ranek handoff may have cost the Ticats seven points. Maas did not always look to be at his best, as he did not always appear to make the right decisions while under pressure. And the playcalling was questionable, and mostly unimaginative, although it might have been a case of taking what was given by the Calgary defence.

In the end, the better team won. That may sound like a cliche, but it's true. But as I said, the Ticats will need to build on this. They need to improve if they want to succeed.

Did I not guarantee the win boys and girls, this is the best Birthday present ever !!!
I would also like to say a head up to two new fans up her from Buffalo NY Tony and Tony !! Father and son. They came up here to their first CFL game !!! Or they had their very own tail gate going in the parking lot of St. Anthony’s. What a nice start to the game, Welcome you guys hope you had a great time and like I said if you had fun get tickets for the Labour Day Game !!! Then you will see the fur fly!!!
Anyway welcome hope you had a great time and Congratulations to our favourite new son Mark Myers !!!