Congrats Thiggy!

Thigpen headlines players of the week.

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Outstanding game by Thigpen and I am still in shock with the Reverse Flea Flicker finishing with Thigpen at their 4 yrd line!

[b]Marcus Thigpen was a human highlight-reel on Sunday, earning Special Teams Player of the Week honours for his efforts. The speedy return-man took back a missed field goal attempt by Rene Paredes 118 yards for a touchdown in Hamilton’s massive 55-36 win over the Stampeders at Scotiabank’s Touchdown Atlantic in Moncton.

Thigpen had an equally big a day on offence, tallying 139 receiving yards and a pair of touchdowns.[/b]

I know Earl was upset that I picked Thigpen as one of my least Favourite players. (He's not a dirty player in the least) I'm glad it wasn't against my Eskies :slight_smile: ; Lose contain and/or he see's a seam, thus puts on a twist and dance deke so to speak and YUP; to the house for a six pack. Very well done I must say and congrats to Thigpen. :thup:

Well deserved Thiggy!

Thiggy should have been Offensive Player of the Week as well, but the judges are obviously biased. :smiley:

Congratulations, indeed. Thigpen put on a clinic on how a fast player with good hands and great moves can and should be used in a game, both on offence and on special teams. Given that his offensive performance probably played into his selection this week, I'm looking at this award, not as Special Team PotW, but as Most Outstanding PotW. Period.

And the best part of this is that it looks like we have two other players on the team with similar attributes in Chris Williams and Terry Grant. If the coaches stay with this line-up, and I think they'd be crazy not to, good luck to other teams' trying to stop these three guys. Throw Cobourne into the mix up the middle or in the flats, and that's one scary offence.

(As for Offensive PotW, I totally agree with the choice of Whitaker. His offensive yardage was far higher than any other player this week, including Thigpen's.)

For what it's worth, Marcus Thigpen, also got a TSN game ball from Matt Dunnigan.

Why would he be one of your least favourite players?

Congrats to Thiggy. He totally deserved it. CFIO, you are no longer considered a Ticat fans. You NEVER admit someone deserved it more than us. Sheesh :lol:

It was more about me being cheeky than anything else, sorry Banshee. Cheers
Edit: I like it when Thigs beats other teams in run backs…just glad the Eskies did well on containing him, or maybe it’s Duval allowing great coverage on his punts. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thiggy also featured in three of the ten top plays on the CFL site. Better than Whatever, I mean Whitaker.

(Better, Banshee? Am I reinstated?)

(By the way, "Banshee" gets auto-corrected to "Banished". Ironic? :lol: )

Maybe a little LMAO!! Ok that's funny and totally appropriate.

Backer, I get it. Probably the same reason why I hate Fred Stamps. :lol:

How about that Wicky Way, he's fun to watch get hit, not that we've been doing a lot of that lately. :thup:

One thing about Ricky Ray is he craddles (turns around and goes with the motion) most times when getting sacked which is good. Last year was not good on hits he took, thus this year the protection is better.

Congratulations Thiggy and a well deserved cyber pat on the back to Russ.

One thing about Ricky Ray is he craddles
Is this legal in Canada? :D

Well backer, I have a short memory span so I forgot all about this. But now that you mention it, yea, was wondering why you didn't like him. Good on ya though for giving kudos to him. :thup:

It better be as the Eskies will be puttin the "CRADDLE" on Lulay. Craddle ; male version of a Cougar setting up it's prey. :cowboy: Edit to Earl: Sometimes I come across as unorthodox.

I love definition #1.

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The typo error or is it?; none the less :oops: Cheers Mark; hope Thigpen does well in Toronto :rockin:

Whatever it is, you sure had me going and looking everywhere for "craddle". :slight_smile:
I actually like the sound of it and may use it sometime.