On number 1000

Congrats Terry

Congrats Terry

Congratulations Terry Vaughn on reception #1000. What will be done for him at the next home game?

And Morreale got his 500th reception on a night in which that accomplishment was overshadowed. Oh well, congrats to both players.

Just imagine how sooner with Richie !
A great player teams up another !
Congrats !

They should have stopped the game and made a presentation. We were looking at history.

I thought the same thing.

Interesting point. And now we could debate what milestones or broken records are considered worthy of stopping the game. I personally think it it should be done quite rarely if at all, but that's just my $0.02.

Anyway, let's hope this gets recognized next week at IWS.

And I just thought I should add that it was appropriate that Vaughn got plenty of yards after the catch on that 1000th reception. It was also appropriate that the Ticats won tonight's game, as that, I understand, was what mattered to him.

Yea, beautiful catch and then breaks 3 tackles. Congrats Terry.

IMO they should NEVER stop game for a presentation... it KILLS the momentum of a game.. there is plenty of time to honour someone at the next home game as the Argos can atest put celebrations of till ther is TIME for it

Not worried about any presentations. Terry's a rock. Loved him when he was here in Calgary, still love him now. Congrats to the whole team and all their fans on kicking Edmonton's a$$ twice in a row. Wish we could have done the same.

They should have done something after the game, but given the loud jeers and boos from the Esks fans as they departed the stadium its probably a good thing that the guys just graciously left the field in a non-assuming manner....they more than made up for it when they left the dressing rooms and went to get on the team bus signing autographs for all their fans and shaking hands and showing a helluva lot of class! Terry will get more than just an interview when he makes it home to IvorWynne and he certainly deserves it, but while he was getting ready to leave many people told him how much they loved him and how great a game he played and congratulated him on his accomplishment.

That sure was a fine way to put a stamp on his 1,000th catch.

Congratulations Terry!

Terry didn't even want the ball..after the catch, he tossed it off to the side, as if he'd done it 999 other times. Class act all the way. And humble. Terry Vaughn would not want the game to be stopped.

:thup: "CONGRADULATIONS" You have always been a great player. I have loved watching you play and I am happy you have done this as a Ticat. Keep adding to your 1000 catches this year and I hope for a lot more in Hamilton. pat_cat
:thup: - good furtune on the next 1000 yd season :thup:

Congrats Terry on 1000.

Hey Terry,

Gotta say man, you're thirty-four but play like twenty-four. It's been a rough season this year for the team but I'd sure hope you come back next year for the Grey Cup win.
Always one of my favourite players this year........wish they could have got the ball to you more, but next year for sure.
Congrats. on your 1000th catch. :thup: