Congrats Tay!!

On being named and Eastern All-Star. (link is on the home page).

I'm so glad he wasn't overlooked.

I would like to second that borehamgirl! Tay was outstanding on defence for us this year and although we had only one player selected as an Eastern All-Star, there was no one more deserving than him! Way to go Tay! Eat em' Raw and see ya next year!

Congrats Hitman
Can't Wait for Next season and More big hits from you Tay

A great honour for a solid player with a great future in Tigertown! Well done!

Oski Wee Wee,

Tay was the most deserving TiCat for this honour. Woodard at left tackle was far better than the two stiffs from Toronto but he didn't play many games. Generally, the O line play this year was weak due to many injuries throughout the league.
The only other TiCat who would have gotten my vote is special teamer, Ray Mariuz.
Pat Lynch (the old guy in section 7 )

Congratulations Tay!! Well deserved!!

I think a couple of other guys deserved it too, but didn't really start coming on until later in the season, so that is probably why they were overlooked.

Congratulations. Tay!! :thup: :smiley:

Keep making those receivers hear
[and fear] your footsteps. :twisted:


Grab some more of those picks
while you are at it. :smiley:

Tay Cody was probably the least-mentioned part of those trades with Edmonton when they were made, but he's easily the steal of the deal. The Cats have a blue-chipper there, he's a treat to watch play.

What a lucky break for Hamilton, getting Tay in the Edmonton trade. He was one of the few rays of light for the fans this year.

Congratulations, Tay! Hope you carry on where you left off next season.

I'm pretty sure you will be a long term Ticat. We're lucky to have you.

Ask for more money! Bob's got deep pockets!

he totally deserves it! good job. i think this shows promise for next year!