Congrats Stamps

You guys are champions!!! Congradulations.

...hell of a season and a hell of a good game against a hard fighting Alouette team...

Congrats Stamp fans. It wasn't the outcome I was hoping for but it was still a good game.

Thats really annoying there red. Go out and celebrate my friend. g&w, I had to adjust my post after Chief merged the topics...hopefully not annoying now...

Congrats from me as well. The Stamps were the better team and get full credit for the win.

The game wasn't as exciting offensively as I had thought it would be, but the difference was that Calgary's defence stopped our offence better than our defence stopped your offence.

So full marks to you guys.

it was a great night, was hoping for a higher scoring affair but it was a hard fought game none the less. that's the end of my cfl fun, back home to the emerald isle now 8) thanks canada and the cfl :rockin:

Congrats to the Stamps and their fans.. and the monkey is now off of Hank's back.. he has won the big game. It was great to see him win, and although no Stamps got individual awards, you walked away with the biggest prize. Enjoy the win.

Congrats to the Stamps. It was a fun game. But as someone else said, it sucks that the CFL is now over for another 7 months. Only bad thing about the Grey Cup. :frowning:

Congrats Stamps. Now I go into Football withdrawl for a few months. No more football, and the Natural Felons League isn't real football!!!!!!!! :rockin:

Well Henry and the boys came through. The West is BEst again!!!!!!!!!!!!
Congrats to the Stamps, Scott Ackles and their fans.
T.V. coverage was very good I thought. Only thing missing was interviewing any of the Montreal players or coaches which is always tough to do but usually insightful and good sportsmanship shown.
Great win for Calgary!!!!!!!!!!
Montreal must have been a blast to be at with all the festivities. Great city!


Congrats to the Stamps. Was hoping for a more dramatic finish to the game but it was entertaining none the less.

Congratulations to the best team in the CFL. Although I didn't think he could pull it off, I'm very happy for Hank. Also I love Sandro's cockiness, shades of Patrick Roy (my favorite goalie). Anyways, in the past 4 Grey Cups a different Western-based team has won, that is indeed total domination. Mike Labinjo has to be the most athletic unathletic looking guy in the CFL. He's unreal!
So yes, Hank can win the big game.

Lastly, it's frustrating as a fan to see my Lions fall in the division finals two straight years to the eventual Grey Cup champs!

Congrtulations to the Stamps and their fans on their great season. Scott Ackles won one for dad.

...and just like that another season in behind us. We have lost many CFL legends who we should not forget and see you next year, where I'm convinced the Lions will be prime to re-accert their dominance on the CFL!

My brother was laughing about the same thing. He said, "I love how in football you can weigh 300 pounds and still be considered an athlete." Labinjo moves pretty damn good for a big guy. :lol:

I have to agree.....He had a chance at MVP.

As much as I dislike Burris, congrats Henry. Hope you give up the whining for good and play football the way you can. I now consider you one of the best players in the CFL.

Congrats Stamp fans.........

Long live the CFL

Sask. Roughriders - 2009 Grey Cup Champs

Congratulations to the Calgary Stampeders, 2008 Grey Cup champions. You earned this victory.

Congratulations! All the best to the other 7 teams in 2009.

:cowboy: Yahooooooo!!! Yes our Stamps Prevailed and the only thing harder then winning the Cup was winning the tough Western Conference. I love DeAngelis's press conference's Hey! He's honest and commical. Justice was served he won Most Valuble Canadian in the Grey Cup to go with his ring. Thats four in a row for the West now.

Yes he served up some crow for the eastern media.