Congrats Stamps!

I'd rather go to 6 and win 1 than never go at all. I'd say there is nothing wrong the football program in Montreal. Toronto and Hamilton, however, have some work to do.

Yup I was thinking the same thing. Congrats Stamps! :thup: :thup:

Now the million dollar question...... Now that Burris proved the doubters wrong, what will all the Rider faithful do with all those "Burris Sucks" t-shirts? I'm wondering if those T-shirt places can Silk Screen MVP in a different colour over the sucks part. :wink:

Congratulations on the Cup win Stamps.....what a difference a coach makes....Huffnagel is the kind of guy that brings best keep him long term..... :wink: :thup:

The underachievers finally did it.

Congrats you guys, great season. Hope you don't lose Chris Jones to a HC gig. :wink: