Congrats Stamps!

Way to go on winning the Grey Cup!


Enjoy it as much as you can, RedandWhite...

So Proud of all The X's Ticats on The Stamps .. 2 came up big
Amour a 2nd and Anderson and INT.
Congrats Stamp Fans
see ya next year

Congrats to the Stampeders. Tough resilient bunch. Absolute Champions.

Excellent half time adjustments! Enjoy your cup Calgary!!!

Congrats to Henry Burris and team, and to all Stamps fans. I get a feeling this is the start of a Dynasty...Party On! BluesMan in Ottawa.

Let's see...

Last year : Riders win
Ex-Ticats on that team: Jamie Boreham, DJ Flick, Tad Kornegay, Wayne Smith, Airabin Justin (and some others I KNOW I've forgotten)

This year: Stamps win
Ex-Ticats on this team: Howard Hodges, Dwight Anderson, Jojuan Armour
Not to mention that they get rid of Creehan, give him to us, and win the Cup...

sigh..... I NEED A TYLENOL :oops:



A heartfelt congrats to the Stamps and their fans!

You really deserve it and, although I couldn't "see" the game (had to help my Dad with some things), I listened to it and was really pulling for you guys. A great year for the team.

Have fun with the celebration (especially my two favorite Stamps know who you are) :wink:

Congratulations everyone!

You guys had a great year and deserve the Cup through and through - well done.

It's been a great year, we'll see you next season :smiley:

Oh, and thanks to the team + fans for representing the West and being truly professional and sticking it to the game.

From Saskatchewan, with love.

Congrats Stamps. I think Hufnaegel finally helped Burris fulfill his promise. You guys should be tough for a long time.

Congrats!! Burris finally won the big one. I'm definitely happy for him. I think DD along with Huff got Burris focused and let him play his game. Enjoy it and best of luck in 2009!

There hasn't been a repeat since '96-'97, but I think you guys have a good shot at it. The Stamps really are a complete team.

Champions. Congrats to the Stamps.

You know now that you mention it. The riders had ex tiger cats when they won and now the Stamps. It appears we may have to sign a couple of more if we are to repeat.

Thanks Deb and just remember we had to go through a very good Lions team to get there. Actually I would like to thank all of you that came in here your true CFL fans! It is those fans that make this league and game special.

Proud of you cheif this post of yours has not mention of whining in it. But it was said early this morning by Jiom Barker that the beating of this team by the Eskimos on labor day that put the stamps on a mission and that may have been the turning point in the season for this team. Just maybe now the Stamps will get recognized as a good team. Doubt it but hey thanks.

BRING ON THE 09' SEASON.. :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

Congrats Stamps ......... that was a team on a mission .........enjoy !!!!!!!

Congrats, Stamps. In the biggest game of the year, you were the better team, and you deserved to win. My Als tried hard but your team played great in all phases of the game. Kudos to Jim Barker for building such a complete, well-balanced team.

the east really needs to revamp their football's best in the east for how many years?? 6 trips to the cup & only 1 win??....congrats to our neighbors to the south...looks good for alberta sports!!...

now for no sports to watch till next cfl season... :frowning: