Congrats Stamps...

but we made ya sweat, didn't we???


Reynolds ruled the first three quarters.

Who knew it would be that close. Good game! A feather in the cap for the Stamps fer sure.

Yeah. Seems like Calgary has the same problem as Montreal. They crap out in the second half (except last week when it was too little too late).

Actually, they usually own the second half according to TSN stats.

It's been that way, hasn't it? Teams don't seem to really have the game in the bag at any point...momentum swings and teams takeover and make huge comebacks. Makes for some entertaining finishes.

Lucky you kept the ball with 2min left, felt like if the riders got it again they would have scored.

Regardless you handed the riders their buts for 2 and 2/3 quarters of a game.

Look at Calgarys record. What does TSN know. :smiley: :smiley:

Really? I thought I heard the panel say Calgary has lost their last few games in the second half. Maybe I heard wrong...

Lost them on late plays but actually outscored their opposition 95-47 in the second half of games prior to tonight.

Edmonton loss they outscored them by 11 in the second but were trailing by 14 at the half.
Tied Winnipeg 17-17 in the second half but had trailed by 4 after the first half.
Outscored SK 14-1 in the second but trailed by 14 at the half.

It's looked like last minute plays have cost them but they had actually come from behind to take the lead in the games.

Sorta reminded me of last week, but the roles were reversed again. At least it ended up being entertaining in the end.

I think that Calgary learned from last week, adjusted well and outcoached the Riders, a rare event this year. The Stamps O-line was like a different unit. They foresaw that, with all the young receivers, you take out Cates and you have a much better chance of winning.

I just saw Sask making the mistakes that cause teams to lose: dropped balls and penalties that killed drives. Calgary definitely was the better team tonight.

But I also think that, once the "rookies" in our receiving corps gets 1st-team reps, etc., we'll be back.

The Stamps obviously prepared for Cates a LOT better this week, and I don't think Armour really had much to do with it. On 1st down they were daring the Riders to beat them with the pass judging by all the bodies they stacked in the box.

Much like Calgary last week, the Riders dropped a ton of passes that killed drives. You can say the defense played bad but they were out on the field a lot, I think Calagary dominated the time of possession.

Damn. That might be more alarming. :lol: Nice stats.

Deflated you do have an obligation now do you not. You can not stay away from posting for a week. A bet is a bet now.

if only the Riders had played the whole game like the last quarter. Oh well. Now we get a buy week and a chance to heal. Good to have our loss now and get it over with. Good game Stamps...

Good game for Calgary....they were the better prepared team last night. No excuses the riders just didn't come prepared to play.

Kudos to the Stamps. And minor kudos to me for being right in my prediction that Calgary would come out on top this week. :slight_smile: :wink:

Those fourth-quarter letdowns are a bit worrisome, and remind me of my Alouettes, but at least now we can stop talking about the Roughriders' undefeated streak. Finally.

Ok here it goes. The officiating was absolutly brutal in that game. They missed several calls, costing the Riders the game. Like the officials should totally be ashamed of their performance out there. It was brutal. We should have won Calgary should have lost. The whole league is out to get us. The sky is falling. Calgary was paying off the officials. Honestly what is wrong with this league? Its bush, just completely bush thats all it is.

Now that I got that bit of sarcasm out of the way, I am going to say Congrats Stamps. You guys played one heck of a game, shutting down our offence except the final quarter. I knew we were in for a fight; you guys have one heck of a good team, and honestly you are the only team I am worried about come playoff time although Burris usually chokes in the playoffs. I had that feeling we were going to split this home and home with Calgary.

Burris still sucks. If Eddie Davis doesn't trip with one minute and ten seconds left in the game allowing the reciever to catch the ball for the first down, I say the score is different. Riders are still in first place. We are off for a week, hopefully Tillman can do something about our recievers.