Congrats Speedy Banks!

Congratulations Brandon on your Special Teams Award, you deserve it :rockin:

NOBODY burns the turf like Speedy B, Congratulations Brandon Banks on Winning the CFL Special Teams Player of the Year Award in 2015!!

Glad you are a Tiger-Cat and exciting to watch!!

GO CATS GO in 2016!!!!

SPEEDY B, SIMPLY THE BEST, Also holds the record for most TDs called back due to crappy penalties. :roll: :cowboy:

Great news! :thup: fastest player in the CFL !

Speedy :rockin:

hopefully KA will find some more quality special teamers that can block a little better for you this offseason.

Will add my congratulations here too. Really glad for Speedy B who is considered by ALL teams to be one of the most electrifying players in the league. Would be nice to see better blocking if possible to improve those returns and of course the players HAVE to block without drawing a flag.

Honourable mention of course to Simoni who was runner up to Bighill for MODP. Simoni of course is still #1 for us! :thup:

I would like to see improvement on his kickoff returns

In recent years the voters, in their wisdom, have decided that the MODP award should go to whomever has the most tackles. Sherritt, Cox, Elimimian and Bighill were all the leading tacklers in the league for the past four years, and they all got the award.

In a previous era it generally went to the sack leader. Joe Montford kicked this off winning three of four MODP awards between 1998-2001, when he averaged more than 20 sacks per season. No one has achieved that level of sustained dominance ever since.

However, Montford was so good in his prime that the voters just kept giving the award to D-linemen despite much less impressive performances: 16 sacks for Elfrid Payton (2002), 11 for Joe Fleming (2003), 9 for Anwar Stewart (2004), 16 for Brent Johnson (2006), 11 for John Chick (2009). Only Cameron Wake, who won in 2007 and 2008, matched Montford's performance, although he didn't stay in the league very long.

D-linemen won the award 9 out of 10 times between 2000-2009. Now, for whatever reason, it is only linebackers who can win. And more specifically, the one with the most tackles.