CONGRATS....SASK....well done...

SASK......kicked our, butt all night......your defence was AWESOME..........

So was HOLMES.........

ALLEN , sucked he is human , after all. :lol:

4 games in a row........and you got your revenge for the last game.............

CONGRATS.........but don't start talking about , the CUP........just ,YET...... :lol:

ENJOY :smiley:

wow this was an awesome game, could have gone either way. Good game Argo's

Excellent CFL game. I was cheering for the Argos but was not dissapointed as the game was great. I bet that the final score would be under 50.5 so I got that one right. Now if the Rams and Chargers win by 4 on Sunday, I won 140 bucks!

This bumps Edmonton down to 4th place. Calgary is 2nd! Congrats Sask and Calgary.

oh wait a minute, I almost forgot something. now where is that saskargo hiding...sure hope she dosn't try to take a week off.

Eskimos are gonna be in a nasty mood tomorrow night. I'm a little worried (being a Lions fan) but I still think we can take it.

Mathimatically first place isn't clinched yet. We can dream right?

If the Lions beat the Eskimos tomorrow, then the Riders can still get first place (pretty easily I might add). All they would have to do is win their remaining games, and have BC lose theirs (including 2 against Winnipeg).

That is assuming we win everything from here on and the Lions only win one more game. If that happens the Lions and Riders would be tied at 12-6 with us having won the season series giving us first. The chances are prety well non-existent, putting our faith in Winnipeg to win vs BC.

Take the points on a turn over.....2nd quarter and the pinball ia acting like it's a game ending drive, the old CFL side line management is a going the direction of the mocking bird..Congrats to the Riders..

Classy post Hello..I knew I liked you for a reason :slight_smile:

GO RIDERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good game Sask. Now hopefully the eskies beat BC tomorrow

Wow great game..Riders defense owned..they held the high scoring argos offense to 2 field goals, sacked Allen 3-4 times and layed some wicked hits on him.
They came up a made the BIG plays when they had to and even overcome absolutely brutal officiating. Oshea should be suspended for intent to injure, Keith will probably miss the next game with a hip pointer on a CLEAR hit out of bounds

Crandell made 1 hugh mistake, but threw the long ball with some success to Thurman...He was steady but unspectacular and moved the ball when we had to.
What can I say about the offensive line and there running attack....around 275 yards? who needs a passing attack with running like that.

After knocking off (2) of the BIg boys the Riders are thick in the Hunt for a playoff spot... even possibly second.

The Victory was sweet considering how we lost the last game, but now we face the powerfull Lions in there Den

GO RIDERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Great Game. Sadly enough I couldn't be at TF as I was playing my own High school Football game but thank god the blackout was lifted! Way to go Riders!

MONTREAL, will be pis.ed :lol: in a cross over, kind of way. :wink:

BUT...........I LOVE the CFL.....even A fight in the "standings" cool........but not on , LABOUR DAY. :lol: :lol: :lol:

:lol: :twisted:

CONGRATS...SASK. :smiley:

Thats a good thing, I love seeing Don Matthews pissed off!haha

Nah... 2 games against BC will be the Litmus test... while we still have a shot at first I cant See BC losing 2 against us...second is more realistic and the way we are playing at home it would be hugh to host a playoff game.

Well, the 4th place team isas good or better than the first place east team. I say whoever crosses over has the best chance of making it to the GC actually. The east is by far the easier route.

Oh yeah why would Matthews be pissed? This Argos loss gives his team a chance for first again despite having a terrible year.

The turning point was definitely when the Riders stopped Allen on the goalline. They would have been up 17-0 at that point, which would have been a pretty big league with their defence.