Congrats Sask. - Lulay was terrific

Sadly one team had to lose. The Riders got it done but the Lions led by Lulay almost beat all the odds and stole it.
Travis Lulay should have been the starter since training camp. He was the best q.b. in camp and has now proved he will be an elite CFL quarterback. What coolness under fire all day. Even his interception he could not be faulted - that was just an amazing athletic play by the sask. d.b.
The best quarterback today was Lulay. The lions are in good hands and Wally, stay one more year and take us to the Grey Cup in Vancouver. What a great game- so much better than the NFL. Unbelievable highs and lows. Wow- what entertainment.
I hope the Riders beat Calgary and win it all showing that the lions were just about there. We would have beat Calgary.
Well done Lions.

We have a better coaching staff than the riders.

Yes the Lions would have beat Calgary, it was written in the stars, just like they beat the Riders :roll:

But yes Lulay was very impressive

Well I don't give out high marks to either staff but the Rider need to seriously address theirs in the off season. Some questionable calls during the game. I had a house full of people just shaking their heads at times.

BC has a young team, young QB, and bright future.

Lulay played terrific, and BC was in control at the half but couldn't hang on. Gotta give props to BC on the way they fought to the end, there wasn't any quit in that team.

Congrats to the Riders and all their fans , BC did very well today, nice to see an emergence of a new star QB in the CFL. :thup:

Congratulations to the Riders and their fans. CFL football at its best. :rockin:

The "13th man" was likely the difference which the Riders deserved for having a better regular season record. Plus, they were deadly in the red zone all season, and they made the extra touchdown in OT when we settled for a field goal.

Still, nothing to be ashamed about today. If anyone was going to burn us in OT, I am glad it was Clermont. Can't help but wonder what would have happened though if Davis Sanchez was not lost last month with a dislocated elbow. That moved a very promising but green David Hyland to wide side corner and non-import Tad Crawford to safety. Clermont blew through the tackles.

Lulay was awesome today.

Although once again he certainly hasn't even come close to proving he'll be an elite starting QB. I think he will, but proven to be elite? He's had two games of "elite" calibre in his career. Calm down.

I was very impressed with the way Lulay played though, for sure. I've been impressed with him all year long and it seems he's finally putting that potential to use. He definitely could be an elite QB in the near future.

I have no faith in the "people" at your house. It is my belief that the people in your house are far less qualified to run a football organization than the Riders staff.

In fact, I will go on record and say, the people in your house will never run a professional football team. Not because life's not fair, but because nobody in your house is remotely qualified to do so, in my opinion. :cowboy:

Hahaha. That is funny.

I thought that for once the Rider's coaching staff did well. The only times the Riders were in trouble it was because they didn't execute (missed throws mainly).

Would also like to congratulate the Lions on a great game and a fantastic resilience to stay in it this season after so many completely wrote them off, myself included.

Awesome game BC. That was a phenomenal performance by Lulay. Nothing seemed to faze him - pressure from the D, interception or the 13th man. I expect him and Durant will be duelling it out in games like this for many years to come.
CFL RULES - I'm still pumped (not hungover) from being at the game - have to come down now I've work to do.

As Casey Printers showed us, one season doesn't make an "elite" QB.

The future is bright in BC, but Lulay isn't in that company yet.

I thought it was very good play calling. They had a lot of missed plays because of timing and I think the ball was being overthrown a little because of the the cold weather (overcompensating). Jason C had 2 plays that the ball was thrown behind him. IMO those were hot/read routes, and him and DD were not on the same page...JC, imo, made the right cuts, as he had the DB covering him on him plus a FS a little up field and to the left...he cut right, away from double biggy, it happens, especially because JC was probably in more plays this game than 1/2 the season...he legitimately "started" this game, and him and DD didn't have the numerous reps like with other players.

The calls were getting mixed well. Yeah, I read some of the plays, I called em out at the game, and people were saying...hey, nice call...but sometimes you want the D to read you a bit...make them feel that they can, then you through a 78 yard pass to Dressler. DAMM

Lulay did have a great game. He made a couple of clutch throws in that game. The Lions offense looked to be having a hard time controlling the crowd noise, something that should have been worked out prior to game day. The two minute offense didnt work at all.

I was thinking the exact same thing. Buck Pierce had one hell of a start as well. Time will tell but it’s way to early to even consider him on his way to an elite QB.

Edit: Come to think of it Jarious Jackson also had a 9-2 start as a starting QB for BC as well.

They definitely had issues with the volume. It was really really really loud. One of the loudest I have been to. I saw a couple times the receivers looking at Lulay as they went into their spots, shrugging their shoulders in a "what is the call" pose. They marched the ball really well in the 2nd half, but at some point on every drive the noise seemed to get them on 1 play, and sometimes that is all it takes...the noise at the right time. They should have been running no huddle.

Well the people have spoken. Only you can have an opinion? I thought that got covered off by another so called expert out there. If Miller goes to GM I look forward to expert Thryllin stepping in.

So when Lulay throws a hail mary with 5 seconds left, and everyone in the country knows it's coming and the Riders drop two players in middle zone to cover the run (lulay is on the 30 yd line, so one of them could have gone to the end zone for Hail Mary support, and BC has had no running game all game) and most of our secondary is just inside our end zone anyways (they can get back to cover the run before lulay or whoever runs to the end zone), But our corner actually stays in the corner and doesn't move over to where the 3 BC receivers (?) wait to out jump the shorter Rider d-secondary who in turn are beside and not in front of the BC players and in Miller's own words our d-secondary is trying to catch the ball instead of swat the ball away? I'm wondering don't we practise hail mary defense and if not why not, if so how can they blow it so badly. Second and 17 and we play 15yds off the ball in the fourth quarter, BC drive continues instead of punt. We blitz most of the game on second and long and get burned continuously in first half while finally adjustments late in fourth quarter (more to protect against the bomb I'm sure) with less blitz. Our Dline actually was getting good pressure on Lulay without the Blitz why such a late adjustment? Special teams have been bad all year, players seem to be ramping it up nothing that the coach has magically come up with. Berry is questionable most of the year. Etcheverry has issues. I mean this has been well documented for months now. Nothing new here, so I'll stand by my comments. You disagree, no biggie.