Congrats Roughriders

....congratulations on your win, good luck in Edmonton...

Thanks R&W. Hope that when things calm down, you guys can see your way to cheering for the west in the GC.

Classy as always Red. Good game!

Thanks R&W

I was glad to see it was a close game, and both teams represented themselves well. Nobody "blew" the game, both teams played hard in adverse conditions, and provided one heck of a show for us fans.

Here's looking forward to the Cgy Ssk rivalry renewing next year! :smiley:

Thanks. Unfortunately weather played a factor. Yes though the Riders won I still like the idea of indoor play. Again only my inion and no comments required, just my observation.

Always classy R&W. Congrats to the Stamps also on a good season. Not the ending they wanted but nothing to hang their heads about.

I'm not saying this to slight anyone's coments but can we quit saying "Weather was a factor" because both teams had to play in it!! It was an even playing field in that regard and the better team won. Go Riders! and thanks to Red and White for being a classy Stampeder fan!

You'd have to be an idiot to believe weather played any factor. Last time i looked
both teams played in the same environment.

Looks like i get to cheer for Saskatchewan again this yr. (yuck), because theres no way i can cheer
for Montreal.

Anyway congratulations to the Riders, they got all the breaks, and were the better team today both on
and off the field.

Good luck in Edmonton, and remember this if youre going to the game.

  1. Albertans are friendly folk, if someone happens to smile at you, do not be intimidated by all the teeth. We mean
    no harm!
:rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

Thanks red. Was a very entertaining game.

You are a good man , the way we Canadians should all be, accepting defeat graciously. I still say Calgary is better on paper but as we all know games are won on the field. Tough plays made by all players in wicked conditions. Hopefully we win it for the WEst this year R@W
TB :thup:

Thank R&W. It was a classic cold weather tussle. The bounces just went our way this year.

You are always a class act , R&W.... the Western final was a game that could have went either way, and thanks to a Grice-Mullen fumble( although given the weather conditions, it was bound to happen), it almost did!

;-) thank you R&W

Thanks Red.
Be proud of your Stamps, they played a good game!